Operational and technical department

Updated: 5/17/2013



Today, telecommunications technology are its important place in many spheres of human activity, including in education. Because education creates the foundation for the development of any country, it belongs to the strategically important areas of implementation of telecommunications and information technologies in Ukraine. The modern school must be flexible enough to attract new teaching methods and use modern technologies that support the educational process at a high level. Therefore, the most important task of Kherson State University is preparing teachers who will have a desk computer skills, ability and willingness to use information technology in the learning process will be convinced of the effectiveness of learning technologies and will not have the psychological barrier of relatively non-traditional teaching methods.

This July 7, 2000 on the basis of reorganized Laboratory of Information Technologies under the decree number 414-D was established operations and technical department of computer technology and communications.



Main tasks.


  • Providing teaching technical facilities (installations under study subjects and technical requirements of teachers, ensuring timely access for students and teachers in the building for training and other activities scheduled, restricting access in classrooms outsiders).
  • Implementation of highly qualified computer maintenance, printing, copying, video projection equipment in the departments and university classrooms.
  • For repair and maintenance of computer, printing, copying, video projection equipment.
  • Setup and maintenance of LAN, telephone and alarm systems of the university.
  • Develop guidance materials using various alarm systems, telephone and others.
  • Monitoring the implementation of fire safety and sanitation standards in the computer training classrooms.



Phone: 32-67-47
Ext. phone: 171