Updated: 4/1/2011



The program "Entrant" is aimed to automate control of the entrants of different educational establishments. It allows to enter and access information concerning the entrant (passport and academic data), list of faculties, specialties and documents required to enter. All information is grouped according to faculties, specialties, entrants, flows and documents. Once can search both for a specific entrant and using search criteria. The database includes information about each entrant (address, facilities, number of entrance exams, contract, educational level, etc.), specialty (faculty, qualification level, educational form, code) and payment.



Functional Features:


  • Ukrainian and Russian Interfaces;
  • Adaptable user interface;
  • Data is presented in the from of bookmarks and corresponding forms;
  • User-friendly data forms;
  • Effective reports system;
  • Flexible data search engine;
  • Administrator control provides data integrity;
  • Unicode usage provides for national standards.




System Capabilities:


  • Analytical and static reports;
  • Data wizards make the work easier;
  • Tuning data wizards;
  • Grouping data according to the categories;
  • Backup of functions of the main menu in the context menu;
  • Control of time spend by each employee.



System Features


  • Windows-oriented application using MS SQL Server;
  • Multi-layer architecture comprising of the database, business-logics and client interface;
  • Utilizes new.Net technologies and Magic Library components;
  • Integrated security system. Authentification can use both Windows and non-Windows means;
  • Separate administration module.


System Requirements




256 MB RAM

P2-400 or higher

SQL Server 2000

Windows 2000 or higher

.NET Framework 1.0 or later




128 MB RAM

P2-400 or higher

10-15 MB on HDD

Win98 or later

.NET Framework 1.0 or later