Updated: 4/1/2011


ST-IAS is a new version of IAS, an management system, which was developed using most recent technologies, such as .Net. It has flexibility and convenience to satisfy a wide range of different organizations.

The Informational-Analytical System (IAS)of Odessa National University is the unified integrity consisting of processes, technical and program supplying, install products and the personnel, which satisfy the certain requirements and the purposes. It consists of a database and subsystems. Includes both program, and hardware resources of the university.

System tasks:

  • Maintenance of the actual and a trustworthy information of a management of the university.
  • The personal responsibility of employees (departments) for entered in IAS (given) information.
  • Exception of duplication (with mistakes) information in different departments and services.
  • Improvement of planning and cross check of financial activity.
  • Reporting automation.
  • Fast formation of new reports and their inclusion in IAS.
  • Reduction of administrative personnel turnover due to reduction of working time expenses for performance of routine operations.


This software is embedded in Izmailskiy Pedagogical University, Odessa National University, Kherson National Technical University.