Department of Support for Academic, Informational and Communicational Infrastructure


 Department of Support for Academic, Informational and Communicational Infrastructure performs:

Design and development of Web-sites for different educational areas using IEC and Open-source systems.
Design, development and support of educational software.
Development and support of websites of professional publications of KSU. Advice on filling the site.
KSU Participation in competitive projects of fundamental research in the fields of "Informatics" and "information technology", by monitoring the information announced competitions, finding partners and developing appropriate joint projects.
Giving to students e-mail addresses which run on  Office 365  service; consultation on gaining data accounts in university network to staff, what includes e-mail address.
Consultation on giving the rights for edition of the KSU site pages.
Holding an anonymous voting by KSU Feedback service.
Consultation on gaining access to the services and resources.
E-printing of courses on the distance teaching systems "KSU Online", "Kherson virtual university".
Graphic objects production and printing products making.
Installation and support of the educational software tools.
Formation of the vivid multimedia presentations.
Work with photos, development of banners, animated screensavers, infographics, commercials, signs, emblems, logos, web design.
Creating videos; posting video and photo materials on Youtube.
Exhibition activity: creation of presentation materials, recording information onto electronic mediums about Kherson State University, the faculties of the university, the experience of the university on international cooperation in the field of education and introduction of modern technologies, experience of cooperation with European countries in the field of education and employment of youth. Development of banners. Maintenance and technical support of exhibitors (department of admissions committee, etc.) at domestic, national and international exhibitions.
  Base of practice for students of the department of computer science, software engineering and economic cybernetics. Work with volunteer students.
  Administration of department servers with projects and resources.
  Consultations of the University staff on work with ICT (if required).

Position of Department


Department of Support for Academic, Informational and Communicational Infrastructure

Aud. 515, Kherson State University, Universytetska, 27, Kherson, Ukraine, 73000.

Phone: +380 552 326 782
Ext. phone: 602

Work schedule

Updated: 3/19/2020

Monday through Thursday from 8:30 to 17:15

Friday from 8:30 to 16:00

Lunch break from 12:00 to 12:30