Working with students

Updated: 8/30/2019

As an important place in scientific activity of students takes visiting to problem laboratories created at the university, the work of our department with students ensures their full integration into the research process, provides students with the opportunity to work closer with leading specialists of the department and the teaching staff of the department.

Therefore, at the same time as studying, the best students and master's students of the specialties of «Informatics» and «Software Engineering» are able to find employment in the Department of Support for Academic, Informational and Communicational Infrastructure .

Besides, students of these specialties can choose the department to pass annual production practice.

Based on the materials of the research works conducted on the basis of the department, course and diploma projects defined by the program are developed, articles and theses are published.

Annually, students and undergraduates make presentations at national and international conferences, presenting the results of both their own and the department's research work.

In addition to the activities described above, there is a creative team on the basis of the department to prepare gifted students for participation in programming competitions. In addition to participating in the Olympiads, students also assist in their organization, preparation and conduct.

The practical knowledge gained during the work in the department enables students to successfully interview in well-known companies such as DataArt, Logicify, Aricent, PostIndastria etc.