Updated: 3/18/2014

Integrated environment for studying course «Basics of algorithms and programming»

  • Works in the operating environment of Windows 2003 Server and its subsequent versions. Documents are stored in the system database My SQL Server 5 and in the file format XML, HTML and Microsoft Office documents. The system has client-server architecture. System is stored and installed on the appropriate KSU page (or CD) and installed and operated on a personal computer - a server for providing user experience on the Internet, or computer lab equipped with LAN
  • Developed in 2008
  • Developed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • Certificate on the copyright registration of the product № 26159 «Computer program «Web Basics of algorithms and programming»» from 21.10.2008
  • Users of software are students of higher education institutions, studying the basics of algorythmization and programming, teachers of programming, other people who study the basics algorythmization and programming
  • Developed as the distance version
  • Created to be used in the educational process of studying the algorythmization bases and programming.

This tool is developed according to the specificity of the subject. It is built using unified methodology where all its elements interact efficiently: electronic book, text book, program demonstration environment, systems of current and final progress control, including algorithm tests. Usage of electronic register allows monitoring the effectiveness of mastering knowledge and algorithm design skill. System of editing allows applying various teaching schemes considering multi level and profile differentiation. One of the software modules of the integrated course «Basics of algorithms and programming» Environment demonstration programs are designed for use in lectures, with practical problems and the laboratory for visual demonstration of work algorithms. Using the module environment demonstration programs allows to pay more attention to the analysis of algorithms: on different data sets to demonstrate the result of the main characteristics - the number of comparisons and number of exchanges. Thus, thanks to the opportunities of the environment the teacher is able to vary types of practical problems with algorythmization.