Updated: 11/18/2016

Distance Learning System «Kherson Virtual University»

1.Distance learning system «Kherson Virtual University», version 2.0 works in the operating environment of Windows 2003 Server and its subsequent versions. The documents of the system are saved in a database Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and its subsequent versions, and also in XML, HTML files and Microsoft Office documents. The system has architecture Client-Server. It is intended for providing distance learning in high (universities, institutions) educational institutions, schools and colleges.
2.Year of issue 2003-2009.
3.Developed by own initiative.
4.The system administrator gives the rights to the authorized users. The authorized user has rights as a student. In an order to get more rights the user should send a letter to administrator with a request to change the role. For every user the administrator can set the followings rights:
  Management of other users
  Management of questioning
  Management of groups sections catalogue
  Management of news
  Management of system documents
  Access to administration page
  Administration of glossary
  Administration of forum
5.The system is installed and exploited on the personal computer - server for providing of users’ work in the Internet, or in computer class, equipped by local network.
6.Distance learning system «Kherson Virtual University», version 2.0. satisfies the basic requirements of distance learning system organization in Internet, namely:
- access providing to educational materials by the Internet;
- distribution (sending) of educational material;
- testing;
- assignment of personified interactive educational courses;
- providing of group work is in the network;
- an accumulation in the system database of educational informative resources (textbooks, courses, tests, and others) in IMS format, their import and export;
- users informing about motion and results of educational process;
- organization of distance learning in accordance to curricula;
- structure creation of virtual educational establishment (subsections, departments, employees).
7.Distance learning system «Kherson Virtual University», version 2.0. is developed in obedience to the requirements of international standards of IMS, SCORM for the systems of the distance learning.