Updated: 3/18/2014

Multimedia Program Methodical Complex “Virtual Biological Laboratory. Human Physiology”.

  1. Software tool Multimedia Program Methodical Complex “Virtual Biological Laboratory. Human Physiology” (MPMC Virtual Biological Laboratory) works in OS Windows 2000 and higher. It is intended for practical support of lessons in biology in 10th form of general school.
  2. Year of issue 2007.
  3. Developed by own initiative.
  4. The program has two modes of operation: teacher workplace and student workplace. These modes differ by assignment, installation order and tuning, interface and possibilities.
  5. MPMC Virtual Biological Laboratory has architecture Client-Server and works in the local network of Intranet.
  6. MPMC Virtual Biological Laboratory intended for the use by teachers on the lessons in theme “Human Physiology” at preparation to conducting lessons of different types, namely lesson of generalization, final lesson, lesson-lecture, and others, or by students for independent work at implementation of laboratory, practical works and home tasks.
  7. Using the complex in an educational process will substantially strengthen the practical dominant of biology school course because, it will provide laboratory and practical works in biology regulation of individually practical, but not demonstration form of work on the lesson.