Updated: 11/16/2016

Tempus JEP-27237-2006 “CC4U2 educational program for Computer Sciences for Ukrainian Universities”


CC4U2 - Curriculum of Computer Science for Ukrainian universities (Tempus Project JEP_27237_2006 «Computing Curricula for Ukrainian Universities»).

  • Partners:  University of Nice-Sofia Antipolis (France), University of Glasgow Caledonia (Great Britain), Karazin's National University of Kharkov, “DBBest Technologies LTD” enterprise (Ukraine).
  • Areas of cooperation: informational technologies.

Expected results and their implementation:

  1. Improvement of students' training by “Computer Science” specialty on experience of european establishments and ukrainian participants of the project (rebuilding and updating of educational program of training of banchelors on Computer Sciences - Masters' program creation).
  2. Retraining of lecturers on new disciplines, learning methodics and rating procedures.
  3. Establishing of mechanisms of mutual Academical acknowledgements between Ukrainian and European universities and students' mobility fostering.