Темпус проект: 543681-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES - «Network of competence centres for the development of cruise tourism in the Black Sea Region» - «CruiseT» («Мережа центрів компетенції для розвитку круїзного туризму в Чорноморському регіоні»).




The Program of the European Union (EU) TEMPUS is aimed to promote the modernization of higher education and to establish the cooperation with neighborhood countries. The TEMPUS program supports the introduction of innovations in educational programs and determines measures for the structured development in different conditions of receiving the higher education in countries, which are the EU neighbors..





Aim of the project

Project CruiseT pursues aims of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP), provides regional and national priorities of program TEMPUS for Georgia and Ukraine and also promotes the development and growth of external cooperation with Eastern European neighboring countries and intra-regional cooperation between the Black Sea region countries in the field of tourism.