Updated: 11/17/2016

Project full name (project abbreviation) Developing ECDL Internet portal for distance learning for higher educational establishments (ECDL)
Nomer and date of contract # ІТ/ 542 - 2009 from 2009, July, the 20th.
Registration in Ukr INTEI State registrarion number 0109u006321
UDC 004.4:378.147
Customer Department of education and science of Ukraine
Financing 190 thousand UAH.
Purpose of work  Purpose of the project is development and implementation of Internet-portal of distance learning ECDL for higher educational establishments and establishments of postgraduate education; development of methodic software, intended for using in lecture and distance forms of studying during learning ECDL courses.
Results of work To develop structure of the software for support of performing lectures and practical lessons, independent work and testing on courses of ECDL programme, which contains next units: working programme for ECDL course (thematic teaching plan), unit of lecture materials of course, methodic recommendations for practic works of ECDL course, resource collection for using in practic works), testing unit, testing tasks base, register.
To provide personalized access to resource with three access levels: administrator, tutor, student.
To provide ability of students' conversing on the portal (forum, blogging, wiki-pages creating).
To provide openness of the assessment system and statistics accessibility.
Annotation(upto 500 print characters) After the project development it will be created Internet-portal for distance courses learning on the programme ECDL in higher educational establishments and for providing retraining and skills of scientific and pedagogical employees of educational establishments. Internet-portal of distance learning must provide user authorizing, creating of copyright distance courses, groups of distance learning, distance learning control, saving and statistic processing of distance learning results, reliable security system.
Authors: M.S. L'vov, A.V. Spivakovskiy, N.V. Osipova, G.M. Kravtsov, M.A. Vinnik, A.V. Bulat, N.A. Kushnir, D.G. Kravtsov, Ye.A. Alforov, M.B. Maksimovich, V.V. Gritsyuk, N.A. Bilogrud, Ye.O. Kozlovskiy, V.V. Lyakutin, A.G. Muzykantov, A.I. Chornyy, O.A Gnedkova.