Updated: 4/21/2020


Certification training

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Center of Continuing Education

Updated: 4/9/2020

Education - a great spiritual value of man, the right way to achieve well-being!

Center of retraining and professional development allows you to: 

  • get modern knowledge;
  • expand the scope of their competence;
  • gain a competitive advantage in the labor market;
  • improve professional skills and professional skills;
  • change the direction of a professional activity.

Center of retraining and professional development offers you:

  • Increasing level of knowledge, formation of new professional competences in psychological and pedagogical, methodical, organizational and managerial activity;
  • Mastering of innovative technologies, techniques of forms creation, methods and means of teaching;
  • Getting knowledge about the last achievements of science and the prospects for its development;
  • Increasing the level of pedagogical staff training at Center for Postgraduate Education in the following types:


  1. long-term advanced training (72 to 216 hours);
  2. short-term professional developmentseminars, workshops, seminars, practical seminars, trainings, webinars, etc (up to 72 hours)


The purpose of the Center for Postgraduate Education is to create the conditions for:

  •  Education through life;
  • Getting of additional knowledge and skills;
  • Improving and accelerating process of professional activity adaptation;
  • Improving the efficiency of future work.


Evening form of training: classes are held 3-4 times a week - from 15:10 to 18:00.

For more information, please call: (0552) 32-67-73, (099) 092-01-60, (095) 026-09-74, (093) 138-55-00

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