Chair of History and Theory of National and International Law

Updated: 6/4/2020

Chair of Theory of State and Law

The department was established on 01.08.1998. The specialty of the department is “Law. Jurisprudence”

The lecturers of the department are training the students for the following specialties:

  • Law. Jurisprudence
  • Jurisprudence, Social Pedagogics

The training of these specialties is performed both at Full-Time Department and Extra-Mural Department. The training of lawyers and social lawyers-pedagogues is oriented for work at bodies of inner affairs, bodies of social security, legal advice bureaus, at tax administration.

Important directions of research work of the Department are:

  • Quality of preparation of teaching and methodical complexes of disciplines;
  • Quality of teaching of fundamental and professionally–oriented disciplines and organization of self-instruction at Full-Time Department and Extra-Mural Department of Social-Lawful Faculty;
  • Preparation and publication of methodic developments, methodic advice;
  • State and ways of executing of improvement and performing practice at Social-Lawful Faculty and others;
  • Actual problems of state forming and law;
  • Problems of reform of political system and forming of civil society;
  • Problems of activity of bodies of local self-government.

Business contacts are established and appropriate agreements are made up about creative cooperation with Faculty of Law of Odessa National the I.I.Mechnikov University, Institute of Political and Ethno-National Research of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian Academy of Political Sciences, Academy of State Administration at President of Ukraine.

The Department has prepared and held International Research-Practical Conference “Rebirth of Ukrainian State: Actual Problems of State Forming and Law” (3-5 September, 1999). It has prepared and participated on 8-9 September, 2000 at International Research-Practical Conference “ Development and Prospect of Socio-Lawful Work in Ukraine: Problems and Personnel Supply”

The Department has prepared International Research-Practical Conference “Economic and Law Problems in Forming in Ukraine of Social Oriented Market System” (6-8 September, 2001)

At the disposal of the Department there is teaching and methodical office, 2 auditoriums for seminars and 1 lecture-room.

Staff of Department of State and Law Theory

  • Zadorozhnyaya Nadezhda Aleksandrovna – Head of the Department, Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, Assistant Professor
  • Getman-Piatkovskaya  Irina Anatolievna - Assistant Professor 
  • Kazanchan Andrey Arkadyevich - Assistant Professor
  • Tomilina Ulia Evgenivna -  Assistant
  • Zadorozhnyaya Elena Vladimirovna - Assistant
  • Pinkas Larisa Vladimirovna - Assistant
  • Rodik Lesia Nikolaevna - Assistant

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