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Updated: 12/24/2019


 Chair of Foreign Languages Practice (before 2017 Chair of the English and Turkish Languages) was created in September 2001

The integration of Ukraine into the European and World Community, joining the Bologna Declaration, the change of social conditions and conceptions aimed at bettering the system of education have promoted the necessity of renovating the system of training foreign languages. During the last decades the contacts between the Southern region and Turkey have become stronger. All the factors mentioned above have conditioned the creation of the Chair of the English and TurkishLanguages, which in July 2017 changed its name into the Chair of ForeignLanguages Practice at Kherson State University.

The Chair provides for such theoretical courses as Methodology of Teaching Translation and Interpretation at University,  Methodology of Teaching the English Language, Country Studies, Lexicology of the English Language, Literature of England and the USA, Literary Local Studies, Theoretical Course of the English Language, Theory and Practice of Translation.

The staff  of the Chair conducts practical classes in English and Turkish Oral and Written Speech, English Grammar and Phonetics for full- and part-time students. The lecturers are scientific supervisors of Bachelor’s and Master’s diplomas (PhD

J. Kishchenko, PhD V. Kolkunova, PhD Y. Prosyannikova, PhD L. Tkachenko).

The staff of the Chair includes 6 Doctors of Philosophy. The Chair has high-quality means of education – laser multimedia projectors, screens, computers etc.

The main direction of the scientific and research work of the Chair is: Influence of linguistic and extra-linguistic factors on the formation of the specialist in the field of foreign languages in the modern multicultural society.

The Chair invites foreign specialists to conduct practical classes, thus creating the conditions for the students to contact English and Turkish speakers. An active part in conducting such classes takes professor Timothy Morales, PhD (USA). On his initiative our students have a possibility to attend English video-classes.

In 2003 A Centre of the Turkish Language and Culture was opened at our Department. It invited for lecturing university professors from Turkey. There is a library in the Centre, which contains original books in Turkish, a large number of dictionaries and other materials.





 Склад кафедри:

1.      Kishchenko Y., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of Department of English and Turkish languages.

2.     Kolkunova V., assistant professor of the Departmant of the English and Turkish languages.

3.     Onishchenko_J,  associate Professor of the Department of the English and Turkish languages.

4.     Prosyannikova Y., a lecturer of the Department of the English and Turkish Languages.

5.     Sheldahayeva H., a lecturer at the Department of English and Turkish languages at the Kherson State University.

6.     Merkotan A., a lecturer at the Department of English and Turkish languages at the Kherson State University.

7.     Samoylovich Т., senior assistant, Department of English and Turkish languages.

8.    Kartavtseva О.,senior assistant, Department of English and Turkish languages.




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