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Updated: 3/19/2020


Qualitative preparation of bachelors and masters in the specialty "Special education" is impossible without close cooperation with pre-school and secondary education institutions, special and inclusive.


Students studying in the specialty "Special Education" specialize in:


- Kherson Comprehensive Educational Complex № 48

- Kherson nursery-compensatory type - Child Development Center №60 - Kherson Special Secondary School # 1;

- Kherson Regional Center for Integrated Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities
- individual pedagogical correction classes and inclusive classes of Kherson secondary schools

- Kherson special kindergarten for children with intellectual disabilities # 8;

- Kherson special kindergarten for children with visual impairments №22

- Kherson special kindergarten for children with hearing impairments №29

- Kherson kindergarten № 37 of the compensating type


for students of 4 courses of specialty "Special education"
undergoing manufacturing practice
Production practice is held in the 7th semester for 6 weeks. The student intern is required to work at least 6 hours a day.
The trainee student must perform the following activities:
As a subject teacher to teach mathematics, reading, writing, work and other subjects, help in organizing extracurricular activities in subjects, work with a journal.
As a speech therapist conducts psychological and pedagogical and speech therapist examination of children, compiles a speech therapist profile of the group, works with the speech therapist's documentation, conducts individual and front speech therapy sessions.
As a classroom supervisor, supervise the work of students in the classroom, organize and conduct extracurricular forms of work, maintain documentation, maintain a diary of success, organize the alternation in the classroom.
Content of pedagogical practice
1. During the first week, the student trainee receives instruction at the university and on the basis of practice, gets acquainted with the documentation of industrial practice (diary, individual plan), examines the documentation of the educational institution (lesson plans and extracurricular work, plan of work of the class teacher, personal plans of students of the class ), draws up an individual practice plan, which is approved by the group leader, attends all lessons and all extracurricular activities in the class on which the internship is based.
2. During the second to eight weeks the student performs the work of the teacher and the class leader, conducts lessons on a schedule, attends the lessons of other student trainees and participates in their discussion, conducts extracurricular activities, participates in holding parental meetings, performs an individual task, conducts current practice documentation. The student agrees with topics and term of the credit-taking lessons (speech therapy lessons) with the leaders from the institute and from the base of practice.
In the last week of practice, students complete the paperwork and participate in the final conference.
 Each student receives an individual assignment from a practice leader.
Requirements for the report
Reporting student-student documentation on the results of industrial practice includes:
    Task-report on practice.
    The syllabus of 6 credits (3 individual and 3 frontal classes for students who undergo speech therapy) with the necessary visibility.
    Psychological and pedagogical characteristics of the student.
    Analysis of a lesson (or speech therapy) attended by another trainee student.
    Outline plan of educational event.
    Individual Task Report.