Chair of Philosophy, Social and Humanitarian Sciences

Updated: 11/10/2020

Chair of PhilosophyThe head of the chair is Polischuk I.E., Candidate of Science, Senior Lecturer.


Chair of Philosophy, Social and Humanitarian Sciences became a general chair of the university on March 1, 2003. Earlier it was a chair of the Faculty of History.

Chair of Philosophy, Social and Humanitarian Sciences carries out important functions in the wok of the univesity.


Main trends of work:

  • teaching social sciences that contribute to the development of theoretical way of thinking of students and postgraduate students;
  • development of philosophical and methodical problems of modern culture and science, including questions of rationality of humanitarian cognition, philosophical aspects of natural science and religion.


Chair staff:

Candidates of Sciense, Senior Lecturers:

  • Novikov M.I.,
  • Gomenuk А.P.,
  • Grishanov І.V.,
  • Polishuk І.E.,

Senior teachers:

  • Nedzelska N.І.,
  • Nedzelskiy К.К.,
  • Sapelnak Т.І.,



  • Mihailenko L.A.


The chair teaches the following subjects:

  • Philosophy,
  • Culture Studies,
  • Sociology,
  • Logics,
  • Ethics and Aethetics,
  • Religion Philosophy,
  • Religion Study,
  • History of Ukraine,
  • Historiosophy,
  • Social Philosophy,
  • Philosophical Antropology,
  • Philosophy and Science Methodology.


The chair has scientific relations with Religion Depatment of Institute of Philosophy named after G. Skovoroda of Ukrainian NAS. Director of the Institute, Professor Kolodniy A.M. as a scientific tutor made teachers Nedzelska N.I., Nedzelskiy K.K. to successfully defend their dissertations.

Professors Kolodniy A.M., Filipovich L.O. (leading specialist of the Religion Department of Institute of Philosophy of Ukrainian NAS) also work at the chair and help to organize and manage All-Ukrainian scientific conferences, methodical seminars and courses in religion, and candidate's exams in philosophy for postgraduate students of KSU and other universities.

During years of 2000-2003 teachers of the chair were developing a theme “Religion orientation of students”. The results were presented on different scientific conferences.

Since 2001 the chair organized the following scientific events: 2001 – regional scientific conference “Religious Freedom in Ukraine: Philosophical and Law Aspects”;

2002 – All-Ukrainian scientific conference “The Church and the State: Globalization”.

2003 – All-Ukrainian scientific conference “Religion in Social Life of Southern Ukraine”.

It is planned to organize an All-Ukrainian scientific conference together with Depatment of Institute of Philosophy of Ukrainian NAS “Freedom of Religions in the Context of Spiritual Rebirh of Ukraine in June, 2004 .

Senior Lecturer Polishuk I.E. leads a interchair scientific seminar in social sciences where teacher of Chair of Philosophy and Social Sciences, chairs of the Faculty of History and Faculty of Economics and Law take part.

Teachers of the chair work hard to implement new approaches in teaching philosophical subjects. New ideas and methods of optimizing students' work are given in methodical recomendations printed during the last 5 years.