Updated: 7/20/2017

Protect theses

for the degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,

held at Specialized Academic Council K 67.051.02

1. A. Pryymak Olga methodical system study cases tabular arithmetic in elementary school 13.00.02
(Mathematics) 14/05/2009
2. Saltanovska Nadia I. Formation stereometric ideas students grades 5-8 in the process of teaching mathematics 13.00.02
(Mathematics) 14/05/2009
3. Sinko Yuriy methodical teaching students mathematical logic in higher education using information technology 13.00.02
(Mathematics) 10/22/2009
4. Kruglik Vladislav S. methodical teaching linear algebra in higher education using information technology 13.00.02
(Mathematics) 10/22/2009
5. Derkach Julia Methods of interdisciplinary connections of mathematics and special courses in teaching students of economic specialties 13.00.02
(Mathematics) 30/04/2010
6. Bibik Galina V. Intersubject relations of mathematics and physics as a means to achieve key competencies secondary school pupils 13.00.02
(Mathematics) 30/04/2010
7. Sidorenko-Nikolashyna Olena formation of concepts of higher mathematics in students' specialties agrotechnological methods with the use of knowledge mapping 13.00. (Mathematics) 27/01/2011
8. Cheporova Galina E. Formation of professional competence of economists in teaching professional disciplines 13.00.04, 27.01.2011
9. Mehedi archeologist system of differential control and correction of students' progress in mathematics at the elementary school 13.00.02 (math) 01/28/2011
10. Borisenko, Natalia M. Pedagogical conditions of formation ekotsentrychnoho outlook of future primary 13.00.04, 28.01.2011
12. Zinenko Irina Methods of teaching algebra and elementary analysis Humanitarian Lyceum students on the basis of the competency approach 13.00.02 (math) 14/10/2011
13. Komisarenko Elena V. Formation of mathematical competence of students of engineering Agrotechnological University during independent work
13.00.02 (math) 10/14/2011
14. Voropay Natalia A. Formation of self educa competence in future primary means of information and communication technologies
13.00.04, 13/10/2011
15. Shakhmatov Tamara "Formation of business professionals qualities economic profile in the educational process of higher education 13.00.04, 08/12/2011
16. Schedrolosyev Dmitry E. methodical teaching discrete mathematics future engineers, programmers means of information technology 13.00.02 (math) 12/09/2011
17. Snizhko Nikolai methodical system of algorithmic testing in preparation of future teachers of mathematics 13.00.04, 09/12/2011
18. Sokol Igor formation of professional competence of skippers in the process of professional disciplines "13.00.04, 08/12/2011
19. Hulivata Inna A. Methods of Teaching High School Students build stereometric shapes using ICT Research 13.00.02, 06/04/12
20. Voloshinova Sergiy Algorithmic training future navigators of the visual system of support in information and communication teaching environment 13.00.04, 06/04/12
21. Kotkov Vera V. Formation informative competencies of primary school teachers in kvaziprofesiyniy of 13.00.04, 07/04/12
22. Dzyadevych Julia Pedagogical conditions of formation of professional image in students' artistic specialties 13.00.04, 07/04/12