Yury Byelyaev

Updated: 12/23/2010


Yury Byelyaev (21.11.1947, Kherson) - candidate of science (1981); professor of Chair of Russian Language (25.02.1999); rector of KSU (since 11.2002), full member of Academy of Pedagogic and Social Sciences (Moscow, 01.2000), member of International Slavic Academy of Pedagogic Education named after Y.A.Komenskiy (01.11.2006), honored professor of Academy named after Yanosh Dlugosh (Chehonstov, Poland, 26.09.2007); Honoured worker of Ukrainian Education (09.1998); member of National Association of Journalists of Ukraine (з 1998).



Father, Byelyaev I.F. (1912-1987) – a worker; mother, Byelyaeva M.G., (1914-1986) – a housewife; wife Byelyaeva V.I.; daughters: Olena (1972) – member of National Association of Writers of Ukraine, senior tutor старший викладач of Chair of World Literature and Culture History, since 2009 – head of Department of Editing and Publishing of KSU, editor-in-chief of the "University Panorama" newspaper, as well as the "Published Word" magazine; Marina (1981) – teacher of English, since 2007 – an editor and presenter of "3 Kanal" TV channel, Moscow.  



1965-69 – Faculty of Philology, Kherson State Pedagogic Institute.

1969 – Teacher of Russian Language and Literature at a secondary school, Behteri village of Kherson region.

1969-70 – served with Soviet army.

1970 - Assistant, head of preparation courses,

1974 - Teacher,

1977-1980 – post-graduate studies,

1980 – Teacher, Senior Teacher, docent of Chair of Russian Language, dean’s depute, dean of Faculty of Philology,

1985-87 – Secretary of KSPI Party Committee.

06.1987-09.1991- head of Department of Science and Educational Establishments, depute of head of Ideology Department, head of Ideology Department of OK KPU, Kherson.

09.1991 – docent of Chair of Modern Russian Language.

02.1992 – vice-rector of educational work.

08.1996 – acting as rector.

10.1996-05.1998 – rector of KSPI.

05.1998-11.2003 – rector of KSPU.

з 11.2003 – rector of KSU.

02.1999-11.2003 – Professor of Chair of Slavic Languages and General Language Study of KSPU.

Since 11.2003 - Professor of Chair of Slavic Languages and General Language Study of KSU, later reformed into Chair of Russian Language and General Language Study. Honored Worked of Ukrainian Education (1997). Head of Organizational Committee of Regional Social Forum for implementation of political reforms in Ukraine, Kherson (10.2003 -12.2003).


Diplomas and awards, issued by:

Head of Kherson Regional Administration (04.2002 - "For personal contribution into preparation and holding a concert in Kyiv");

Cabinet of Ministry (18.01.2003 - "For personal contribution into the development of Ukrainian science, implementation of modern methods of teaching and youth upbringing, preparation of qualified personnel and high professionalism");

BRESHU (11.07.2003 - "For services for Ukraine in promoting science and education, personal contribution in preparation of highly trained personnel, implementation of modern technologies into educational process and high professional level ");

UMVS of Ukraine in Kherson Region (12.2001 - "For help, active social position, cooperation with domestic affairs services in the name of Ukraine’s prosperity");

Mayor of Kherson (01.2003 - "For promoting of 1st stage of Ukrainian contest of scientific papers defense of local scientific society students);

Turkish Embassy of Odessa (11.2003, "For help in creation of Center of Turkish Language and Culture ");

Head of ODA, Kherson (03.2004 - "For 2nd place gained in regional Ukrainian contest "The best Employer of the Year" in the nomination "Enterprises with 501 – 1000 workers");

Kherson and Tavria Bishop Ionafan (21.05.2004 - "A blessing for labor in the name of Saint Church ").

Order of Saint Great Prince Vladimir (2002).

Mark of Academy of Pedagogic Science of Ukraine "Ushinskiy K.D." (05.2006).

Order "For Services" of 3rd grade (18.08.2006 - "For personal contribution into social, political, and cultural development of Ukraine, labor achievements and on the occasion of 15th anniversary of Ukrainian independence").

Mark of Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine “For scientific achievements” (09.11.2007).

Winner of the nomination "Educational activities" of an international contest "Arka Triumfu" - 2007.


An author of over 100 scientific publications (co-author) including books

"Non-prepositional Accusative Case in the Case System of Modern Russian and Ukrainian Languages" (1996),

"Relevant problems of Building National Education" (1997, co-author),

"Kherson Pedagogy: from Past into Future " (1997, co-author),

"Native Tongue as a Means of Spiritual Development of an Individual" (1998),

"Syntax of Modern Russian Literary Language. School-book." (2001),

" Syntax of Modern Russian Literary Language. School-book. 2nd Edition " (2003).

An author of poetry book “Behind the Edge of the Face” (2003),

“Inner Speech” (2009).

Editor of books: "A Collection of Scientific Articles: Text and Methods of Its Analysis " (2004),

"Bologna Process. Reader", 2005 (co-author),

"Informational and Analytical System of an Educational Establishment "University", 2006 (co-author),

"Educational Process in Kherson State University. Reader" 2007 (co-author),

"Kherson State University in the Process of Innovational Reforming (2006-2007)" (2007),

" Syntax of Modern Russian Literary Language. School-book. Сopyrіght by Akademіa іm. Jana Dlugosza w Czestochowіe Jurіj Іwanowіcz Bіelajew" (2007), etc.


President of Women’s Handball Higher League "University - Dnipryanka", Kherson (since 2000),

member of state accreditation committee of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (since 09.2006).


Credo: To be honest and not to interfere into the lives of others.

Interests: growing flowers, garden keeping, poetry.


Phone numbers: 22-62-63; 32-67-05.