Post-Graduate Education

Updated: 5/27/2011

Rector of Kherson State University, the deans and chairs of the constant attention paid to preparation for research and educational staff through Post-Graduate and Doctorants studies, which is a source of constant updating and upgrading human resources of the university.

Post-Graduate Study and Doctorants exists in our university since 1992.

Kherson State University holds set to Post-Graduate Study to study on the state budget funds of individuals and entities in isolation and without interruption of work in the field:

01.03.04 Solid State Physics

03.00.13 Human and Animal Physiology

07.00.06 Historiography, source and special historical disciplines

08.00.04 Economics and management

01.10.01 Ukrainian Literature

10.01.02 Russian Literature

10.01.05 Comparative Literature

10.02.01 Ukrainian language

10.02.02 Russian

10.02.04 Germanic language (English)

13.00.01 General and history of pedagogics

13.00.02 Theory and Methods of teaching Russian language

13.00.02 Theory and methodology of the Ukrainian language

13.00.02 Theory and Methods of Teaching (Mathematics)

13.00.04 Theory and Methods of Professional Education

13.00.05 Social pedagogy

13.00.07 Theory and Methods of Education

19.00.01 General Psychology,

19.00.08 Special Psychology


Doctorants of Kherson State University has five academic specialities:

10.02.01 Ukrainian language

10.01.02 Russian Literature

13.00.01 General and history of pedagogics

13.00.02 Theory and Methods of Education (Russian)

13.00.02 Theory and Methods of Teaching (Ukrainian)


For more information contact the Department of Post-Graduate Study and Doctorants.


Graduate Education

On the basis of higher education in the Center of Retraining and Raising Skills in 2 years can get a second degree.

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