Services for students

Updated: 11/6/2011

Сервіси для студентів ХДУ

Distance learning system "KSU online" is designed for:

  • educational process support for full-time, part-time and external students;
  • distance learning organization;
  • information exchange between teachers and students as well as between students themselves.

    One of the strong points of the system is wide range of possibilities for communication and interaction between educational process participants. "KSU Online" supports all format files exchange. Mail delivery service allows to inform current events promtly to all course participants or separate groups.


Service "KSU Feedback" is designed for anonymous or normal voting on clearly defined criteria of a well-defined set of respondents.

The service provides wide tools for:

  • data storage organization;
  • analysis of the results;
  • distribution of access levels by the organizers of voting;
  • effective teamwork;



Distance Learning System "Kherson Virtual University" is designed to provide distance learning in higher (universities, institutes) and secondary (schools, colleges) educational institutions.