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Updated: 5/25/2012

This page contains information about updates on our site.

11/11/2010 -  version


Functional updates:


Added to the configuration page choose the folder that opens a file manager when using this page.

Have added check for the name of the module. Currently, each module must have a name.

Improved search function for user settings page.

Optimized mechanism for downloading large files


10/20/2010 -  version


Functional updates that are included in the new version of the site:

Website pages generated dynamically

Operations on site pages

  • Creating pages
  • Editing pages
  • Delete pages
  • Management of access rights to the pages

The editors an opportunity to add to your pages, different types of modules.

Module Types

Custom Modules 

  • Module Document
  • Module List links
  • Module News
  • Module Contacts
  • Module File list
  • Module Navigation
  • Module Script
  • Module SiteMap

System Modules 

  • Site Settings Module
  • Module Site structure
  • File Manager
  • Module maping links
  • Module Page Editor
  • Module Module Editor
  • Module Item Editor 

Operations on modules

  • Adding modules to the page
  • Editing modules settings
  • Editing elements of the modules
  • Removing
  • Moving modules to the page

During the editing site, the user can select one of three modes:

  • View Mode
  • Editing Mode
  • Mode Layout


03/11/10  -  version


Functional updates:


Complicate the captcha for form leave a wish

Fixed user profile.

Added version site.

Data network and subnet mask carried in the site settings.

Disabling forms authentication carried in your site settings. Link Login for external users is displayed depending on this option.

Updated users.

Fixed domain ID (SID) when user created.

Moved counters on the home page.



02/18/10  - version


Functional updates:


Development a form leave a wish. Now you can leave suggestions or your comments concerning this Web-site.  

Updated version of a text editor.

Allowing users to add a description for the image.

Changed view of news in the RSS.

Fixed errors in the module hierarchy.

Changed domain authentication mechanism.

Fixed functional errors.

Disabled the function change the settings for anonymous users.

Disabled forms authentication. At this point the user has the opportunity to enter the site just enter your domain login and password. 



12/03/09  - version


Design update:


Developed winter theme for site. To change the site's theme  you must go to the Settings page.


Functional updates:


Development additional personal settings for the site that may be used as registered users and guests. More information.
Included additional functionality in the error log. Development to remove entries for the selected category. 
Improved validator emails.
Development mechanism for editing the phone book.
Introduced restrictions on the size of downloadable files and images in a text editor.



11/05/09  - version


Design update:  


Changes in design


Functional updates:


Optimized access to elements of the hierarchy

Development validator email

Adapted mapping site for monitors with low resolution

Developed pages for display error
Optimized report on logs and audit
Development test version of the phone book
Fixed functional errors
Added counter for collecting information about users of display resolution



10/15/09  - version


Design update:


Updated design error page

Fixed an error Interface 

Functional updates:


Development user profile

Improved error handling

Optimized loading site elements

Development new functionality to the site administrators

Performance monitoring site 



09/21/09  - version


Design update:


Uploaded a new version of the site

Updated design

Functional updates:


The mechanism of the change theme on the site

A new security system on site

Changed menu for institutes and faculties

Improved mechanism to work with modules. Create, view, change and configuration modules.

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