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  • Tuesday, July 14, 2020

    The head of the Center Yuriy Kaparulin co-authored a documentary on the history of the Holocaust in southern Ukraine

  • Monday, June 22, 2020

    Наш центр разом із Українським інститутом національної пам'яті виступив організатором вебінару присвяченому життєвому шляху та науковій спадщині видатного юриста, творця терміну "геноцид" Рафаеля Лемкіна.

    Захід приурочено до 120 річниці від дня народження Р. Лемкіна (1900-1959 рр.)

    Запис дискусії доступний за посиланням -

  • Sunday, June 21, 2020

    22 червня відбудеться дискусія із професором Генадєм Побережним. Цього разу йтиметься про автора концепції геноциду Рафаїла Лемкіна: наскільки осмислена в сучасній Україні його спадщина.
    До розмови долучаться Юрій Капарулін – керівник Центру студій геноцидів імені Рафаїла Лемкіна Херсонського державного університету та Володимир Зілінський – старший зберігач фондів Державного архіву Львівської області.
    Початок – о 13:00.
    Трансляцію дискусії можна буде переглянути наживо на фейсбук-сторінці Українського існтитуту національної пам'яті.

  • Sunday, June 07, 2020

    Discussion dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Crimean Tatar Genocide

  • Sunday, June 07, 2020

    Documentary film

    "Kherson at the Rocky Holocaust"

Genocide Studies Center. Rafael Lemkin

Updated: 8/18/2020

Raphael Lemkin Center for Genocide Studies is a center established by Kherson State University.

The main activities of the center are aimed at organizing research, conducting educational events and promoting knowledge related to the history of genocide.

In its work, the Center reports to the Rector of the University, coordinates its activities with the Vice-Rector for International Relations, Scientific and Pedagogical Work and Communication Technologies, Head of the Department of International Initiatives and Project Activities.

The purpose of the Center's activities is to disseminate academic and community practices of recourse to initiatives that seek to rethink and represent the complex pages of history in relation to the present.

The main tasks of the Center are to conduct and support research projects in the field of genocide history and related topics related to the history of violence, totalitarian regimes, issues of preservation and creation of historical and cultural heritage. The Center aims to provide links, exchange experience and organize joint scientific work with research, educational and public organizations in Ukraine and abroad. The work of the Center contributes to the integration of Ukrainian science into the European and world space. At the local level, the Center should take initiatives on memory policies, create a new public space in Kherson and the region, promote conflict prevention on an ethnic basis, combat xenophobia, promote tolerance, human and citizen rights, and more.

The head of the center is  Dr. Yuri Kaparulin, PhD in history Associate Professor, Member of the International Association of Humanities.


September 2019 – December 2019 Fellowship for the Initiative on Ukrainian-Jewish Shared History and the Holocaust in Ukraine at Yahad - In Unum in Paris, France

December 2018 – July 2019 Research fellow in The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, US

Latest conferenses and additional academic training

Yahad - in Unum Holocaust Young Scholars’ Workshop “Testimonies of Neighbors as a Source for Research about Nazis Crimes”, Paris (France), December 12 2019United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Digital Tool Consultation Initiative for the study of Ukrainian Jewry, Kyiv (Ukraine), February 23, 2020

Yahad in-Unum and The Caen Memorial Museum European teachers’ seminar "The Holocaust by Bullets in the Occupied Soviet Territories", Paris-Caen (France), 22-24 November 2019

Special Lessons & Legacies Conference Munich. The Holocaust in Europe. Research Trends, Pedagogical Approaches, and Political Challenges, Munich, 4-7 November 2019

International Association for the Humanities - MAG 2018 Annual Convention, Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, 27-29 June 2018

International Conference "Mapping Memories 2017: Babyn Jar and other "forgotten" sites of the Holocaust", Kyiv, 15-17 Oktober 2017

 A mini-course by Dr. Yohanan Petrovsky-Stern (Northwestern University, Chicago, USA), Jews and Ukrainians: A Millennium of Co-Existenceorganized by TKUMA, Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies, Dnipro, 4-13 September 2017

I Summer School for university faculty and doctoral students, "History of the Holocaust in Europe and the Ukraine", organized by the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in partnership with Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 3-13 July 2016

Latest monographs and articles


Current project (tentative title): Between Soviet Modernization and the Holocaust: Jewish Agrarian Settlements in the South of Ukraine (1921-1947)

Intellectual Biography of a Historian. Oleksandr Ryabіnіn-Sklyarevsky, 1878-1942. Kherson: "Helvetica", 2014, 236 p. (in Ukrainian)


Chronicle of the Kherson Ghetto (1941) (in Ukrainian), in City History, Culture, Society Journal, Vol. 9 (2), Kyiv, 2020, pp. 88-104.

Kaparulin Y. Jewish agrarian settlements in Southern Ukraine: origin and change of toponyms under the impact of state policy (in Ukrainian), in The Ideology and Politics Journal, Vol. 1 (15), Milan, 2020, pp. 172-187.

The Holocaust among the Agrarian Jews of Kherson Region (in Ukrainian), in Holocaust and Modernity, Vol. 1., Kyiv, 2019, pp. 31-47.

The Epistolary Heritage of Ilya Ehrenburg and the Problem of (Non)Return of the Evacuated Jews of Kalinindorf (Kalininske) after the Holocaust (in Ukrainian), in Holocaust Studies: A Ukrainian Focus, Vol. 10., 2018, pp. 189-204.

In Search of a Better Destiny: Kherson House of Settlers of the Society for Settling Working Jews on the Land (in Ukrainian), in Scriptorium Nostrum, Vol. 2., Kherson: KSU, 2017, pp. 146-156.

OZET Lottery Campaign and its Impact on Jewish Settlers in Kherson Province, 1927–1928 (in Ukrainian) (in Ukrainian), in Scriptorium Nostrum, Vol. 2. Kherson: KSU, 2016, pp. 215-226.

OZET in Kakhovka, 1925-1927: Analysis of Activities (in Ukrainian), in: Past and Today: Kherson Region, Tavria and Kakhovka (ed. Mykola Honchar, conference proceedings), Kakhovka-Kherson: Gilea, 2016, pp. 60-62.

A Biographical Essay. Heorhii Afanasiev: Life and Work of a Scholar (1848-1925) (in Ukrainian), in Collection of Articles published by Faculty of History, Zaporizhzhya National University, Vol. 43. Zaporizhzhya: ZNU, 2015, pp. 231-237.

Oleksandr Ryabinin-Sklyarevsky: last years of life in Gulag and posthumous rehabilitation of a scholar (in Ukrainian), in: Intellectuals and State Power, Vol. 32. Odessa: Odessa National Polytechnic University, 2015, pp. 401-410.