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Productive preschool!

Was extremely effective for the Department of Elementary Education Day November 26, 2015.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Head of the Department of Elementary Education Associate O.B.Polyevikova took part in the regional seminar on "Modern approaches to language development of preschool children", held at the nursery, kindergarten Tsurupinsk №2.

The event was attended by educators practices Tsurupinsk area, including Olga had vocational work, inviting them to acquire professional education in Kherson State University part-time basis.

Associate O.E.Anisimova, teacher Yu Sotsenko FDPO and students took part in the regional seminar, which covered the experience of nursery-kindergarten №41 sanatorium for children with tuberculosis infection Kherson city council of national-patriotic upbringing. Teacher Yu.Yu.Sotsenko with kindergarten pupils sang a song about Ukraine, associate professor O.E.Anisimovoyu students from kindergarten pupils and protective nets woven ATU soldiers.

Then O.E.Anisimova assistant professor and associate professor N.V.Ilyina with educators city and region were present at the press conference in the newspaper "New Day" on "Different opportunities - equal rights" with the invitation of the President of the All "Down Syndrome" Kur'yanova Sergei to discuss important problems of our region for inclusive education and were awarded best students, who take an active public position in that respect: Overchenko Julia, Omel'yanchenko Natalia (171 Group) Hannikova Catherine (161 Group).

And teachers and I.S.Fomina Yu.Yu.Sotsenko went to m.Kahovka to conduct volunteer activities and career guidance at the Children's Home residential "Joy." Atmosphere educational institution established Blyschyk director Yu Ye and his pupils, inspired colleagues preschool education department for further close cooperation.

A pleasant surprise was the presentation of the administration Thanks to the rector of the University professor. V.M.Stratonova and teachers of preschool education and I.M.Fominoyi Yu.Yu.Sotsenko.

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