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Сuratorial hour

February 17, 2015 undergraduates of the faculty Gornostaeva Natalia, Dubovik Anna Kite Anastasia and Andrey Smerechanskyy held an open curatorial hour with 461-471 and 441 groups dedicated to St. Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 19, 2016

The festive event was held in a brain-ring "Who's on top?", Where fourth-year students competed for the title of the most intelligent. In the audience prevailed fun and relaxed atmosphere, everyone with interest and a smile on his face watching the conduct of competitions and viewing video clips.

At curatorial hour were invited leaders master the practice Assoc. Gritsenko IV and Assoc. Denisenko VV and deputy dean of work and employment Assoc. Gorlova A.

Student’s that organized the preparation and conduct of curatorial hours confess that hold competitions between male and female was not easy, because, as you know, our faculty for poor children, but 441 students proudly defended the honor of the strong half. Told undergraduates who received real pleasure to participate in the event and remember it for a long time... it is such moments make a bright student life.

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