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Within two months of training our faculty took active part in the charity event "Recycling plastic for prostheses for warriors ATO." We collected a lot of plastic flip-off caps and handed them over for recycling.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Also, students of the faculty provided humanitarian aid in the form of diapers abandoned children being treated at Children's Regional Hospital.

We do not forget about his good friends - the children from the orphanage Shevchenko. We try as often as possible to come to them and give them joy. It's great that we have this opportunity to help those in need with minimal their efforts. So do not delay your gracious act tomorrow and do it today!

We can not change a lot of things ... We can not swap the winter and summer, but can warm the hearts of our loved ones we can not afford to take someone else's pain, but we can give comfort and hope. We can not change the world for all, but we can change it for one little boy. There are no small help, but there is great indifference. You can say many times that children do not deserve such suffering. But it does not change the situation. Change not words, but things change.

Can there be anything more important and valuable in the world than a child's health? Each of us can change the fate of the little man who is sick and needs our help, and make the baby became healthy. Charity has now become very affordable, do not put a lot of effort and look for ways to make a good deal. It is firmly in our lives, and even doing their normal daily business, we can benefit and do good to others.

So we thank everyone who has shown little concern for the fate of Wladyslaw Kowalski took part in a charity fair. Because each of our contribution to the treasury Bishop - a chance at a full life, a life without obstacles to life without the status of "child - invalid."

It is wonderful that our faculty is kind and sensitive people. Indeed, only the hearts of kindness can change the world and change it, but slowly, word by word, step by step, look for the eyes ... NOT HELP leave for later, when it comes to saving lives!

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