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Seminar F.Frebelya Education Center at the Mykolaiv k\g number 6

In this academic year seminars Education Center F.Frebelya are based on various education institutions of Kherson region. Of particular interest to the educational system of the German scientist discovered Teachers Skadovsk city of Kherson region.

Friday, February 26, 2016

February 22, 2016 scientific workshop was held in the children's bedrooms, the walls of the institution number 6 "Teremok" Skadovsk City Council. In his speech, "The purpose and objectives" Frobeltovarystva "in the context of international faculty of preschool and primary education of KSU" Head of the Department of Elementary Education Associate Polyevikova OB highlighted the main directions of cooperation with foreign counterparts.

Coordinator Education Center Anisimov AE presented the teaching concept and terminology F.Frebelya frebelpedahohiky field. Continued this theme with the presentation of Web-multimedia application course "Frebelpedahohika" lecturer in Early Childhood Education Sotsenko YY It also demonstrated the possibility of using sites colleagues Kherson State University.

Of particular interest was the speech of the head of Kherson I / c number 33 named. F.Frebelya Kovalchuk AA She described the activities of the childcare facility of her, the implementation of educational ideas of German teacher in a modern educational process, the use of sponsorship German colleagues. Methodist institution of UV Molikevych who is a graduate of the Faculty of preschool and primary education of KSU conducted a master class with frebelivskymy materials.

With raisins in their educational work also shared home, I head Skadovskogo / s "Teremok" Belousov AM, educators, representatives of municipal methodical study. Participants had the opportunity to visit the group to learn from their arrangement, a video presentation.

In memory of this interesting and informative communication F.Frebelya Education Center presented a souvenir in the form of a ship with purple sails made by teachers and pupils of the kindergarten. This symbol will implement most cherished dreams mini-museum exhibit F.Frebelya at the Faculty of preschool and primary education KSU.

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