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Updated: 12/7/2019

Scientific training in Frobelseminari
(Kassel, Germany)

Учасники наукового стажування у Фрьобельсемінарі (м. Кассель, Німеччина)   Raise the skills of teachers of preschool education in Kherson State University promotes creative collaboration team of teachers and students of preschool and primary education center and Frobelivskym Frobel seminar of Kassel (Germany).
The official start date and work closely with Yev.Frobelseminarom (Kassel) and St. Elizabeth Foundation Verein (m.Marburh, Nimmechchyna) is 6 March 2002, when a signed agreement on cooperation between the leading educational institutions of Ukraine and Germany.
Summit was preceded by training students and teachers in FDPO Yev.Frobelseminari, promoted prior arrangements to a single pre-school education.
From 19 to 22 October 2009 in Kherson State University delegation EB. Frobelseminaru (m.Kassel) composed of Professor Dr. Karl Neumann, President of the German Association of International Frobeltovarystva, Ms. Emery-Neumann, m.Kasselya University teacher, Ms. Andrea Mateys, head to study the Frobelpedahohiky Yev.Frobelseminaru Ms. Constance Fohrub, nursery school Yev.Frobelseminaru, Mrs. Frank Marini, student Yev.Frobelseminaru.
German delegation met with the rector of KSU, APSN academician, honorary professor of the Academy. J. Dlugosh city Chenstahova and honorary member of the International Slavic Academy im.Ya.A.Kamenskoho, honored worker of Ukraine set prof.Yu.I.Byelyayevym partners from Germany for fruitful cooperation.
April 2, 2009, the Department staff and students of specialty "school education" participated in the preparation and teaching of the V International readings on the theme "The formation of professional competence of pre-school teacher in the context of globalization" with the participation of Education of Ukraine, and Mr N Ukraine, Institute of Higher APS Education of Ukraine, Kherson State University, School of Language and russkoho Leonardo Lyceum in h.Antverpene (Belgium), Institute for pedagogy and resotsyalyzatsyy Chekstahova g (Poland), Transnistrian the State University. TG Shevchenko (Moldova), and representatives of universities in Ukraine, Institute of Postgraduate education teachers, preschool institutions in Kherson region.
After the conference issued a collection of conference materials, where the eight students in the preparation of articles "Pre-school education, as well as 54 articles submitted for publication in the book" Teaching Science »№ 51 (KSU Publishing House).
October 21, 2009 at KSU held VI International teaching reading "Educational Technology in the formation of professional competence of teachers at pre school. The participants of the plenary session to become acquainted with the report of the President of the German section of International Frobeltovarystva Mr. Karl Neumann on: "Skills Training as a leading concept. Friedrich Frobelya Games pedagogy and contemporary interpretation of pre-school education.
In April 2010 the department took part in an international scientific seminar on pre-school education, organized Baranovychskym State University (Belarus).
A 8.9 in October 2010 KY Wittenberg took part in an international scientific conference "Our new school in the world polykulturnom: Actual problems EARLY learning foreign languages and Pedagogical training of recruiters, organized by the Department of Early Learning Foreign Languages Russian State Pedagogical University of A. Herzen, St. Petersburg. Ksenia Yu spoke at the plenary session on the problem of learning two foreign languages pre-school children and conducted a workshop on early learning of foreign languages. Interested in your experiences with colleagues in Russia. Today will be a joint scientific unification of the two universities: Laboratories early learning of foreign languages.
Actively covered by local media program stay with colleagues in Germany in September 2010roku KSU. The department and students took part in preparing and holding September 22 international scientific workshop "Pre-school education in Ukraine and the EU, where the direct connection with Belgium and everyone could see the benefits of innovative forms of education of preschool children foreign languages.
Also obtained a preliminary agreement on opening in Kherson CCA, which will operate according to the method of F. Frobelya partly financed by the international NGO "Frobeltovarystvo.
This year for the first time we are able to train masters preschool education, so students interested in implementing positive foreign experience in the practice of preschool institutions and their active participation in international activities KSU Master studies confirm the theme they chose: "Preparing future educators to implement teaching ideas F. Frobelya in the Modern Elementary Education "(Marina Shcherbina, 512 gr.; supervisor: Assoc. Polyevikova OB)," Features of Development of Education in Ukraine Frobelya F. (historical and logical aspects) (Dzyubenko Julia, 512 gr., supervisor: prof. Artemova L.).
Such a choice also promoted the active participation of department staff and students in international activities KSU. This study abroad students and teachers to create an international public organization "Frobeltovarystvo" (2009) Opening Education Center Frobelya Friedrich (2009); beginning of cooperation with colleagues from Belarus (2010), participation in conferences and seminars abroad printing articles in international journals (Russia, Poland, Belarus, Moldova).
On the basis of the Educational Center of KSU F. Frobelya a permanent training workshop for teachers, practitioners in the field of preschool education "Integration of modern education systems in Europe and the world in the context of the Implementation of Educational Ideas of Frobelya.
In September this year, the direct participants of International scientific-practical seminar "Preschool education in Ukraine and the EU were students of specialty" Pre-school education and their future students from kindergarten number 41, where the experience of democratic education Frobelya Friedrich.
In cooperation with KSU Baranovychskym State Pedagogical University (Belarus) the Department has established links with the Department of Early Childhood Education studies philosophical. Started to exchange students: Summer 2010 10 students were trained in studies philosophical Kherson program KSU Department of Elementary Education, in November 2010 5 students of early childhood and primary education in the KSU studies philosophical practice passed.
Within 10 days (from 15 to 25 November 2010) supported by KSU Rector Professor YI Belyaeva, vice-rector for international relations professor Spivakovsky OV Dean and Professor FDPO Petukhov LE long trip to Belarus five students (A. Antonov, L. Hrytsenok, Korsakov N., Pavlyuschenko Yu and Yu Yurchuk) of early childhood and primary education, which were sent for training in an educational institution "Baranovychskyy State University" In training period at the delegation fully with the individual program of research, educational, social, cultural and practical activities, found themselves prepared at a sufficient level to exchange experience, interested in learning new techniques, technologies and forms of teaching.
Internship students completed final conference on 24 November, where sounding reports on a comparative analysis of the education system in Ukraine and Belarus. KSU Students prepare their own program: presenting activities Education Center in Frederick Frobelya KSU, they held a workshop "Techniques Frobelya cube", showed the film "Our pedfak. The final song sounded "How in the Ukraine" in the performance of students FDPO A. Antonov, L. Hrytsenok, J. and N. Pavlyuschenko Korsakov. Vice-rector for international relations lecturer Nikishova AV welcomed all participants and presented certificates of probation.
In December 2010 will be attended by seven students in the preparation of "Pre-school education" in the international student conference held by Baranovychskyy State University (m.Baranovychi, Belarus). Already prepared, reviewed by and filed with the conference committee 7 articles students.