Информационный центр ЕС

We invite teachers and students to the Information Center of the European Union at KSU.


Information centers of the European Union are one of the main sources of information about the European Union. EU information centers are setting up European Union offices to promote education and research on European integration.


The main objective of the Information Center of the European Union at KSU:

    - information dissemination about the European Union and its policies;
     - promoting the development and expansion of relations between Ukraine and the EU;
     - informing students about EU programs and activities;
     - assisting in the preparation of scientific and research works on European integration issues;


Free services at the EU Information Center at KSU:

   -  structured information on EU activities;
   - Fund of basic and official documents published and distributed by the EU;
    -information about EU projects and programs;
   - information about potential partners from EU countries;
   - novelties of literature and periodicals;
   - information coming from a network of information centers in other countries and from partner organizations;
    - bibliographic and information services;


Our address: Kherson str. University, 2,
Telephone number 32 - 67 - 40