Friedrich Froebel Educational Center

Updated: 4/16/2020

Friedrich Froebel Educational Center 


 Center Regulations - № 181- Д Положення про Освітній центр Фрідріха Фребеля ХДУ.pdf (478.4 Kb) 

The main goal of the activity:

      coordination of social and cultural development of children, youth and adults in the Kherson region, actualization of the needs of the reflection of the historical experience of the development of preschool pedagogy in the context of traditions and innovations in order to maintain their own national identity, international presentations of our cultural and educational potential, creating a unified educational environment in the context of the integration of modern educational systems in Europe and the world.

The center operates on the basis of the regional public organization Friobeltovarism.

The main activities of the Educational Center include:

organization of a training seminar for practicing pedagogues in the field of preschool education;  creating groups for the development of children by the system of F. Frobel; participation in the activities: of the Education Department of the Kherson Council, the Department of Education and Science of the Kherson Regional State Administration, the Kherson Academy of Continuing Education to motivate the pedagogical community of the Kherson region to study the cultural and pedagogical heritage of Friedrich Frebel and other areas of activity.

The head of the center is Elena Anisimova