Chair of Natural and Mathematical Science and Logopaedics

Updated: 12/4/2019


Chair of Natural and Mathematical Science and Logopaedics


The head of the department is Elena Sagan

The need of our country in staff, which master some professions, lnowledgable with different branches of science, industry caused opening of different specialisations at the faculty of primary education. And this, in its part, has put the faculty before the problem of opening the new department of natural and mathematical disciplines.

The department was established in 1997, and in 2000 it was renamed into the department of natural and mathematical sciences and logopaedics. A lot of tasks are placed before the lecturers of the department, the basic of which is to equip students with deep knowledge on the following subjects:



natural cycle:

  • botanics with bases of ecology,
  • zoology with bases of ecology,
  • bases of soil science,
  • methods of teaching natural history in primary forms;

mathematical cycle:

  • mathematics,
  • methods of teaching mathematics in primary forms;

defectological cycle:

  • clinical bases of logopaedics,
  • bases of defect science, logopaedics.

At the department work 8 staff lecturers (4 assistant professors, 2 senior lecturers and 2 assistants) and 3 not on the permanent staff (1 professor and 2 assistant professors).

The department's activity is organized on different directions.

The department works at the scientific research on the subject: “Integrated contents of education in primary school (natural and mathematical aspect).

The department provides preparation of masters on actual problems of methpds of teaching mathematics, natural history and realizes direction of scientific researches of masters.