Updated: 4/16/2013

 19-22 June 2013

IX International Conference on ICT in Education, Research, and Industrial Applications

 16-17 May 2013

All-Ukrainian theoretical and practical conference "Information Technology in Education of Ukraine: State, Problems, Trends"

  11-12 ЖОВТНЯ 2012 року


4-7 may 2011

VII International theoretical and practical conference “ICT in Education, Research, and Industrial Applications: Integration, Harmonization, and Knowledge Transfer” ICTERI 2011

On May 20-23 2009 the 5th

International Scientific Conference "Informatization of Education in Ukraine. ICT in Higher Educational Institutions" will take place at KSU. More(202,00 KB)   

From September 28

till October 1, 2009

International scientific conference “5th Botanic Readings dedicated to the memory of Y.K.Pachoskiy” will take place at KSU. More(81,84 KB) 


On April 2, 2009 the 5th International pedagogic readings “Formation of Professional Competence of a Pre-School Teacher under Globalization Conditions” will take place at KSU. More(46,50 KB) 
On March 26-27, 2009

All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Formation of Adequate Self-Estimation as a Factor of Realization of Person’s Professional Potency” will take place. More(49,00 KB) 

On March 25-26, 2009 the 4th

International Conference of Young Scientists “Historical Science at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Problems, Past, Present and Prospects” will take place. More(28,50 KB)

15-16 May, 2008 Fourth international scientific conference “Informatization of Education in Ukraine. ICT in Higher Educational Institutions” 15-16 May 2008, Kherson State University. Info.(42,00 KB)
From 26'th December, 2006  Ukrainian a Internet - conference
 26 December, 2006

" Actual problems of credit-modular system of education in conditions of connection to Bolon process"The organizer: chair of the branch law faculty of economy and legal of the Kherson State University and Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, Tavriya National University under the name of V.Vernadskiy.

The scientists will have an opportunity to share experience with the Ukrainian and foreign colleagues.

14 – 15 September, 2006 The International scientific-methodical conference "Geographical Informational Systems in Agrarian Universities (GISAU)" (183,50 KB)
14 – 15 September, 2006 All-Ukrainian scientific - practical conference "The Educational environment as a methodical problem of natural-mathematical education"
16 – 17 March, 2006 All-Ukrainian scientific - practical conference “Increase of efficiency of logopedic work in conditions of realization of preschool and elementary education”.(23,00 KB)
25 – 27 of October, 2005 All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “Tha Actual problems of the Special Pedagogics and Psychology”.(29,00 KB)
12 – 14 of October, 2005 All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “The Regional Problems of Ukraine: the Geographical Analysis and Solutions Search”.(29,50 KB)
11 – 13 of October, 2005 All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “The Theory and Practice of contemporary natural history”.(35,50 KB)
29 – 30 September, 2005 International scientific-practical conference "The Informational Technologies in the Ststem of Ukrainian Education Management".
15 – 17 September, 2005 International Scientific-Practical Conference “Contemporary Linguistics in Ukraine and in the World: the Achievements, Perspectives”.(33,50 KB)
8 – 9 September, 2005  The third International Scientific Methodic Conference "Informatization of Education in Ukraine: State, Problems, Trends".(231,00 KB)
18-20 of May 2005

 IV International Scientific Conference “Valzvein Readings” (22,50 KB)

Reports list of the conference “Valzvein Readings”(113,50 KB)

26-27 of May 2004

Second International scientific and practical conference "Actual problems of land reform development in Ukraine" . Materials(149,50 KB)

20-21 of May 2004 І International scientific conference: “Byzantium – Ukraine - Rus: Historical and Cultural Contexts” (48,50 KB)
9-14 of September 2003

International conference on mathematic modelling of the 2003 year . Materials(41,50 KB)

3-5 of September 2003

2nd international practical scientific conference “Informatisation of Ukrainian Education: status, problems, prospects” (135,50 KB)

12-13 of June 2003

Methods of discontinuous peculiarities in mathematical physics tasks. Materials (33,50 KB)

9–10th of April, 2003

All-Ukrainian scientific and methodical conference "Integration of structure and contents of the elementary education"(47,00 KB) 

25-26th of April, 2002 Second All_ukrainian practical scientific conference “Intersubject links in the process of teaching at school and higher educational establishments”(40,00 KB)
11-12th of December, 2001

International scientific conference “Functioning of lnguage units in artistic and publicistic lnguage”. (29,00 KB)

20-21th of November, 2001

International practical scientific conference: “ХХ century in the mirror of literature and culture"(38,50 KB), dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Nobel Prize establishment.

3-5th of September, 2001

International practical scientific conference "Informatization of Ukrainian education: status, problems and prospects(40,00 KB)"

20-21th of April, 2001 All-Ukrainian students practical scientific conference “New technologies - to the renovated school”(35,50 KB)

International conference "Contribution of the Polish to the social, economic and cultural development of the Southern Ukraine"(28,00 KB)

20-24th of November, 2000

International practical scientific conference on the informational infrastructures of the higher educational establishments(40,00 KB) TEMPUS TACIS CP № 20069-98

October, 2000

Scientific conference "Differentiation of the learning and cognizning activities of pupils when studying mathermatics using the educational standard".

October, 2000

Scientific conference "Peculiarities of training teachers of attending service under modern conditions"

October, 2000 Scientific conference "Study of local lore and tourism: education, training, style of life".
September, 2000 Scientific conference "Problems of artistic education and upbringing of puplis and students"
September, 2000 Scientific conference "Forming national self-consciousness of youth by means of culture"
September, 2000 Scientific conference "Professional training of specialists in the field of social sciences and law"
September, 2000 Scientific conference "Realization of modern trends of educatin reforming in the secondary and high school"
5-9th of September, 2000 International conference on mathematic modelling
August, 2000

All-Ukrainian school-seminar on solid-state physics

May, 2000 Conference "Improvement of materials and methods of teaching subject "Safe-keeping of vital functions" in educational establishments"
29-30th of May, 2000 All-Ukrainian students conference “Youth, Ukraine, Europe: prospections”
April, 2000 Scientific conference "Culture of health as a teaching subject"
May, 2000

Scientific conference "Informational technologies in education and management"

April, 2000 Scientific conference "Problems of practical psychology in the system of education"
April, 2000

Scientific conference "Cultural aspects in studying lnguages "

March, 2000 Scientific conference "Pedagogical ideas of Ukraine: origins, traditions, contemporaneity"
March, 2000 Scientific conference "Present-day problems of logopaedics in Ukraine"
January, 2000 Scientific conference "standardization of working education of the youth"
20-22th of September, 2000 International practical scientific conference on informational infrastructures of higher educational establishments TEMPUS TACIS CP № 20069-98(52,50 KB)

List of KSU and other Ukrainian universities' conferences can be found on this site: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine