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Updated: 6/21/2017

Study in Ukraine

Study for foreign citizens

Kherson State University (KSU) announces admission of foreign and stateless citizens for obtaining Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees or educational qualification level of Specialist for full-time or correspondence department.

 Foreign Ukrainians, whose status is confirmed by the foreign Ukrainian certificate, are admitted equally with the Ukrainian residents and have the same rights and admission conditions.

 Education in KSU can be provided on the basis of:

- multinational Ukrainian agreements;

- national programs;

- agreements concluded with legal and physical persons.

 Foreigners can choose one of the 12 faculties, among which are:

 - Faculty of Biology, Geography and Ecology;

 - Faculty of Pre-School and Elementary Education;

 - Faculty of Econimics and Management;

 - Faculty of Foreign Philology:

 - Faculty of Culture and Arts;

 - Faculty of Natural Science Human Health and Tourism:

 - Faculty of Psychology, History and Sociology;

 - Faculty of Technology and Service Sphere;

 - Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science:

 - Faculty of Physical Education and Sport:

 - Faculty of Philology and Journalism:

 - Faculty of Law.

Foreign citizens have the right for education regardless gender, race, nationality, social status, occupation, life views, political believes, communion, health, residence and other conditions.

Cost of study for foreigners (except student-citizens of the CIS member states);

- 1700 USD per year for obtaining Bachelor’s degree;

- 1900 USD per year for obtaining Master’s degree;

Cost for student-citizens of the CIS member states:

Bachelors degree.docx (18.9 Kb)

Master degree.docx (17.2 Kb)

 Terms of application and documents submission: from 15 July - till 1 November

There is also a Pre-university training department. Such special program can help foreign students enter our university. This department provides language courses (studying of Ukrainian and Russian languages). What is more, students can choose courses, which are connected with their future specialization and are necessary for entering a desirable faculty. (

Cost of study at the Pre-University department for an academic year (2016-2017) is 1400 USD.

  Procedure of application and documents submission of foreign and stateless citizens

Firstly, applicants have to get an Invitation for studies. Such invitations can be issued only by specially organized commission. Pre-university trainingdepartmentcan enlist foreigners only in case of having complete general secondary education, received abroad.

The registration of invitations and accounting of foreigners, who come to study in Ukraine, is processed by the UkrainianStateCenterfor International Education. It is a structural unit of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, which acts as its official representative in education of foreign students in Ukraine. For more information:

Invitation can be given to the applicant or to the trustee (with commission available).Commission should have notary certification.

Before making a decision about applicant’s adoption, education institution must check person’s compliance on the basis of the submitted documents, particularly:

- transcript of passport or any other document, that identifies personality;

- transcript of the document about previous education, which includes marks or copy of the education certificate;

- consent to personal data processing:

Згода_на_обробку_персональних_даних_англійською_мовою.doc (22 Kb)

Згода_на_обробку_персональних_даних_українською_мовою.docx (13.2 Kb)

Згода_на_обробку_персональних_даних_російською_мовою (1).docx (15.6 Kb)

Documents have to be translated to one of the languages: Ukrainian.

To enter Kherson State University, foreigner has to submit an application personally in paper form. What is more, applicant should pass in additional documents:

1) Passport or any other document, that identifies personality without citizenship, and transcripts;

2) Education Certificate and its transcript;

3) Education Certificate Supplement and its transcript (in case of availability);

4) Health insurance;

5) 4 photos (size 30x40);

6)  Transcript of the certificate of the foreign Ukrainian;

7) Invitation to study.

Copies must be translated into Ukrainian with a notary certification.

Foreign citizens enter Kherson State Universitytwo times in a year, before and at the beginning of the Academic semesters/ terms (01 November and 01 March). University enrolls foreign citizens according to the results of the interview and on the basis of the concluded contract.

We can also help with housing for students. The cost of housing on campus 15-20$ per month. Already on arrival at the University, we help with visa support.

Our University provides educational services to foreigners ensure timely submission of documents to regional departments of the State Migration Service of Ukraine for the issue of temporary residence permits for foreigners enrolled for studies in accordance with legislation for the whole period of study. Periods of study for foreign students shall be set out by a separate order of the educational institution in accordance with the duration of the education programmes, and also include the period required for official certification of documents obtained after completion of a training under educational programme or for going to the next level education.


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