Our Graduates

Updated: 2/6/2021

                                                                                       Alumni Club

Rachiba Konstantin (Master of  Tourism Tourism 2018 )
director of travel agency "Marinero"


Vyacheslav Pronin ( Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Business, 2019 )
Salad Bar Verde Cafe Manager


Stryuk Valeria ( bachelor of hotel and restaurant business issue 2018 )
Chief barista of the cafe "I love coffee"


Sergey Stasenko
Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Business 2019)
administrator of the restaurant "Zeppelin"



Anastasia Reshetilo (Bachelor of Tourism Tourism 2020)

Transfer guide. The responsibilities included meeting tourists and monitoring the performance of airport services. Further actions depend on the type of transfer ordered by tourists. During the trip the guide can offer some services in transport - soft drinks, fresh press, map of the area. The guide should tell about weather conditions and climate, give brief information about check-in at the hotel, features of the region in which they are now. 

 Denis Yakuba (Master's Degree: Tourism, 2018). Excursion sales manager at Kherson Travel Agency " ХерсON"




Alyona Bondarchuk (Master's Degree: Tourism, 2019). Chief Specialist of the Department of Development of Resort and Recreation Territories and Management of Tourism and Resorts of Kherson Regional Administration

Yulia Stashenko (Master's Degree in Tourism, 2018) Leading Environmental Education Specialist, Oleshky Sands National Park


Anna Plastun (Master, specialty: hotel and restaurant business, 2018) Deputy manager of Reikartz Optima Kherson Hotel

 Anna Plaschenkova (Bachelors: Tourism, 2019) Manager of Tour & Tickets

Kateryna Vasilenko (Bachelor: Tourism. Issue 2017) Manager of NovelTrevel LLC

Diana Kasyanova (Bachelor: Tourism, 2018) Manager of Noveltrevel LLC

Anastasia Horduz (Master's Degree in Tourism, 2018) Manager of the Travel Club "Sakvoyazh"













Alla Vitiuk, Chief Specialist of the Tourism Development Department of Tourism and Resorts of Kherson Regional State Administration, also Alla is our post-graduate student.