Pedagogic activities

Updated: 5/25/2020

Mentoring for teachers, as one of the teachers said - is not a job, but a special state of mind, a life that raises plenty of questions - organizational, psychological and social.

Nowadays, the student board (the President is the student of 441 group - Kateryna Annina) organizes and supervises the work of different committees (internal communications, academic, working, educational and international programs, support and volunteer movement, support of artistic activity, committee on physical and sports development).

Also at the Pedagogical Faculty there is a permanent council of prefects, headed by the student of 461 group Bogdana Tolochok. The council of prefects is a body of local self-government which acts as an intermediary between the students and the administration of the faculty. That is why we can distinguish the following basic tasks of the council of prefects:

-ensuring and protecting the rights and interests of students;

- ensuring that students perform their duties;

- promotion of educational, scientific and creative activities of students;

- control over the discipline of students, prompt response to its violation.

Every week there is a meeting of the council of prefects, which discusses current issues and problems, solutions to which are much easier to find together. Members of the council of prefects also actively work in groups, cooperate with mentors, organize the activities for student activist groups and always help first-year students.    

The creative personality of the future teacher at the faculty is formed by art groups

The crown jewel of the faculty was the choir, which in 2006 received the title of "Exemplary Art Group". Behind this is the hard work of the artistic director, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine Roman Kozyan. The vocal at the faculty is represented by the ensemble "Tavrichanochka". The team is headed by creative nature - Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pedagogy of Preschool and Primary Education Alla Vladimirova.

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