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Updated: 4/9/2021



 Dear applicants!
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport invites you to learn from our faculty.

Training is done in the full-time and correspondence forms of both the state budget and funds for businesses and individuals.

We invite students majoring in for educational qualification level "bachelor"

Graduates who already have one higher education and are willing to be trained at our faculty can get the necessary information about admission.

Applications for admission submitted to the admissions office of the University at the address: Kherson, str. 40 October, 27.

Attached to the application:

1. The document state of complete secondary education or a document on the preparation of educational and qualification level (for admission to the senior courses), a copy of it.

2. The medical information form 086-o
4. A copy of the birth certificate certified by the notary.

5. A copy of passport and identification code.

6. 4 pictures (3 4 cm).

7. Folder for personal affairs, postal envelopes 2.

8.Sertifikaty the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment (origigali or certified copy) on the Ukrainian language and literature and biology.

You should have: passport, military ID or a registration certificate, a book classification of the athlete.

Applicants exams:

- A creative contest (physical training).