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Updated: 4/26/2020

History of the Faculty

History of the Faculty began On December 15, 1992, by the decision of the Academic Council of the Kherson State Pedagogical Institute (now Kherson State University).  The Faculty of Ukrainian Philology was established on the basis the Ukrainian department of the Philological Faculty (in 2003 it was reorganized into the Faculty of Philology and Journalism in connection with the opening of the specialization «Edition of educational publications (basis of journalism)».

In historical retrospect, it should be mentioned that at the beginning of the autumn trimester of 1920, the Kherson Institute of Public Education worked in parallel with the Departments of Ukrainian and Hebrew. The first introductory lectures on Ukrainian studies were held in November. The teaching of the Ukrainian language was carried out by Professor V.M.Levchenko, Associate Professor V.L.Lesik, Associate Professor I.P. Senatorsky, Lecturer I.D.Nechaev.

On September 21, 1920, the resolution of the USSR Council of People's Commissars "On the introduction of the Ukrainian language in schools and Soviet institutions" was issued. At that time, the Kherson Institute of Public Education became the center of Ukrainianization in the Kherson region, launching a seminar to train teachers of Ukrainian studies and the Ukrainian language for institutions, enterprises, etc. On August 11, 1930, a resolution of the USSR Council of People's Commissars opened the language and literature department. The Department of Linguistics at the Kherson Institute of Public Education was headed by G.A. Levchenko, who participated in the preparation of the Ukrainian Spelling (1933) and was the author of well-known works on the history of Ukrainian literary language. Professor M.G. Ustenko headed the Department of Literature.

In the 1938 - 1939 academic year the Department of Language and Literature with the Ukrainian and Russian branches (Dean – V.I. Ushakov) was opened. The first enrollment of students was made to the Ukrainian department. the Department of Ukrainian Language and Literature 1939 was opened At the meeting of the Board of the Institute of 03.01. The teachers who had worked since the foundation of the faculty and in the postwar years left a good memory: I.D. Nechayev, Y.D. Nagin (Department of Ukrainian), O.S. Nasinnik (Department of Ukrainian Literature). His scientific work "Ukrainian Literature of the Twentieth Century" has become a significant contribution to national science.

Famous graduates of the faculty of this time were S.P. Samilenko, P.G. Prikhodko, K.P. Doroshenko, I. Y. Zhurba. For more than 50 years, students-philologists of Ukraine have been studying textbooks co-authored by our graduate, Doctor of Philology, Professor S. Samyilenko. For a long time the director of the State Museum of TG Shevchenko was our graduate Kateryna Doroshenko, candidate of philological sciences. She is the author of the book "The Word about the Great Kobzar" and several articles about Shevchenko, published in scientific collections and periodicals.

The creative work of the teaching staff was interrupted by the Great Patriotic War. The activities of the Kherson State Pedagogical Institute were resumed after the liberation of Kherson from the Nazi invaders. The Faculty of Linguistics and Literature resumed its activities in the day and correspondence departments. In 1945 - 1950 the faculty was headed by Y.F.Rivkis, V.G. Krasnov. In August 1945, the first post-war graduation took place, 12 philologists, teachers of language and literature received diplomas of specialist. The first course of the language and literature faculty (Ukrainian department) in 1945 - 1946. 42 people were enrolled. Since 1946 two departments have been working at the Faculty: Ukrainian Literature (Head – V.M. Brodetsk), Ukrainian Language (Head – Y.D. Nagin). Since 1948, teachers of the Ukrainian language department, under the guidance of senior lecturer Y.Nagin, have launched scientific activities in the direction of collecting and processing materials for the dialectical atlas of the Kherson region.

1950 - 1951 academic year. The Faculty of Linguistics and Literature continues to operate. The Dean of the Faculty was the candidate of philological sciences D.M. Biletsky. In response to the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of August 18, 1956 "On measures to improve the quality of teacher training for secondary schools" began training of teachers of a wide profile. To this end, in 1957, the first language enrollment of students for the preparation of specialists in Ukrainian language and literature and music and singing was conducted at the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature. Both arts - music and literature - were intended to improve the aesthetic upbringing of student youth. The number of students is increasing every year. There is a lack of teaching staff. In addition to their best graduates, highly qualified specialists are invited to train philological teachers: I.M. Protsenko, P.K. Paraskevich, M.I. Pentylyuk, V.D. Goryany. In November 1957, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the institute with the badge "Excellence in Public Education" were awarded K.A.Lavrunov - Head of the Department of Ukrainian Literature and S.A. Ovcharuk - Head of the Department of Ukrainian Language.

Graduates from our faculty are known in Ukraine. An outstanding scientist was a graduate of the Philological Faculty (Ukrainian Branch) in 1950 Alexander Bilyaev - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine - a leading specialist in the methodology of Ukrainian language; author of about 150 scientific works, including 3 monographs, 17 textbooks (in co-authorship), 4 methodical manuals, dozens of theoretical articles, school textbooks in Ukrainian, teacher's manuals. In 1965, students of the Faculty of Philology (Ukrainian Branch) fulfilled the instructions of the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, researching the speeches of the settlements of Verkhniy Rogachyk and the villages of Katerynivka of Velikolepetsky district and Vynohradiv of Skadovsk district. Their work was headed by Y.D. Nagin.

From 1964 to 1974, the Department of Ukrainian was headed by the Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor II Prymak, awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education of the USSR and the Central Committee of the Union of Workers of Secondary and Higher School Workers, the Medal "For Valiant Work". II Prymak is the author of 30 scientific papers, numerous articles on the issues of culture of language, history of language, research on toponymy. Associate Professors AG Galetova, BG Prishva, Senior Lecturers DR Dondar, VG Vysotska, OV Ivashchenko, LK Remishevskaya have given over 30 years to the teaching and education of future teachers-philologists, VI Soroka. They taught leading courses in linguistics and literary disciplines. MM Fedirko headed the Department of Ukrainian Literature in 1968 - 1973. In 1958 she defended her PhD thesis on "The Realism of Creativity of Mark Vovchka". I.M. Protsenko headed the Department of Ukrainian Literature from 1973 to 1978. In 1959 he defended his Ph.D. thesis on "The Study of Creativity of Mark Vouchko at School".

Meetings with famous people have had a significant impact on the formation of future vocabulary teachers. A frequent visitor to Kherson philologists was an eminent Ukrainian writer, Oles Honchar, a deputy to the USSR Soviet from the Kherson region, whose confidant was MM Fedirko, head of the Ukrainian Literature Department (1968-1973). The name of the poet, writer and publicist Leonid Kulish (1924 - 2002) is well known in the Kherson region and beyond. In 1959 he worked at the Philological Faculty of the Kherson Pedagogical Institute L.P.Kulish headed the departments in the editorial offices of the district newspapers of the Mykolaiv settlement and Kherson area, who worked on the editor-in-chief of the Kherson television studio, detaining the literary part of the regional musical theater. Worked at the Department of Ukrainian. Readers' courses "Stylistics", "History of Ukrainian Literary Language". LP Kulish since 1958 Member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine. Two daughters and a granddaughter, L. Kulish, had a hard time graduating from the Faculty of Philology of the Kherson Pedagogical Institute. The pride of the Faculty of Philology (Ukrainian department) is graduates of the 70's who are famous poets and writers of the Kherson community. Alla Tyutyunnyk - President of Kherson Regional Charity and Health, a member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, was awarded the Order of Olga princes of the third degree. Valeriy Kulik - poet, television journalist, senior editor of the creative and production association of the Kherson regional broadcasting company "Scythia", member of the National Writers' Union of Ukraine, member of the national community of Ukraine; more, below 20 poetry collections, about these songs. Vasyl Meleshchenko - Editor of the Creative and Production Association of the Kherson Regional TV and Radio Company "Scythia", Member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, laureate of the Elijah Kulik Regional Literary Prize, author of about 10 books of poetry, collections of poems and short stories for children, many prayers culture of Ukraine. O.Gunko, V.Zahorodniuk, N.Musika, I.Nemchenko, O.Oleksyuk, T.Sherba are graduates of the faculty of different years, members of the Kherson regional organization of NSPU. They are involved in the literary and governmental processes, affirm and multiply the spiritual treasures of our people. The invitation of the best graduates of different years to work at the department became traditional. Highly qualified specialists were: O.M. Andriyets, T.V. Bakhtiarova, L.G. Bondarenko, M.V. Bukhti, V.G. Vysotska, L.V. Vlasenko, I.V. Gaydaenko, G.M. Gaiduchenko, V.V. Halagan, A.V. Demchenko, V.S. Zagorodniuk, V.V. Zasymenko, O.P. Karabuta, S.M. Klimovich, S.A. Martos, I.V. Nemchenko, T.G. Okunevych, V.P. Oleksenko and others.

The activity of the faculty is based on the task of preparing teachers of the native language and literature for the modern school, as well as specialists for mass communication (in 2005 the specialty "Journalism" was opened) of highly qualified specialists, people of the spiritually rich, able to serve the ideas of state formation, to show the ability to form a new generation of Ukrainian citizens. The faculty is proud of the fact that its graduates work in secondary schools, high schools, lyceums, colleges and other educational institutions, state institutions, editorial offices of newspapers and magazines, in museums and libraries. Most of them became university teachers, defended their doctoral and PhD theses. The Faculty of Philology and Journalism is a source that gives birth, educates and sends to the great life of professionals for professional media of the city, region, and state.

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