Extract from the Rules of an independent anonymous survey in the  KSU Feedback.

  1. To leave your feedback you must get an access code to the system KSU Feedback.
  2. An access code is received by students who listen to the lectures of the teacher.
  3. An access code ensures student anonymity.
  4. The student has no right to give his access code to somebody else.
  5. Access code is only valid at the time of the survey and can leave only one vote.


  • Q1  -  Punctuality of the teacher
  • Q2  -  Objectivity in evaluating a student
  • Q3  -  The desire to interest, motivate students
  • Q4  -  Student evaluation of their residual knowledge
  • Q5  -  Relevance of the course materials and the proposed assignments
  • Q6  -  Value of the material, which is considered in class and independent work
  • Q7  -  The completeness of the disclosure to the training material
  • Q8  -  The scientific material, lectures
  • Q9  -  Possession audience
  • Q10  -  Saturation examples
  • Q11  -  Using modern technology
  • Q12  -  Insistence
  • Q13  -  Logical and consistent presentation
  • Q14  -  Clarity of the material
  • Q15  -  Knowledge of Subject
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