Kherson State University

Kherson State University, 27, 40 rokiv Zhovtnya St., Kherson, Ukraine 73000

Phone: +380 552 226263, 326705
Fax: +380 552 326705
Selection committee
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Email addresses of institutes and faculties

Updated: 3/22/2018

Faculty of Foreign Philology
Faculty of Translation/Interpretation Studies
Faculty of Natural Science
Faculty of Techology and Consumers Services
Faculty of Pre-School and Elementary Education
Faculty of Econimics and Management
Faculty of Philology and Journalism
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics
Faculty of Culture and Arts
Faculty of Psychology, History and Sociology

Email address departments

Updated: 3/22/2018

Department of Accounting
Personnel Department
Department of Financial Planning and Contractual Work
Department of International Relations
Depatment of Clerical Work
Publishing House

Technical Department of

Computer Machinery and Communication