"Education at KSU - a step in the prestigious Future" and "Open Day KSU"

Updated: 5/6/2016

December 7, 2013 in Kherson State University held an exhibition "Education at KSU - a step in the prestigious Future" and " Open Day KSU ".

Organizers : Department of economic and contractual work and exhibition activities , faculty training center .


The purpose of the event:

- Engaging students in Kherson and Kherson region to study at the university ;

- Focus on delivery of high school graduates required certificates for passing the EIT for a certain direction of training ;

- Informing young people about getting quality of higher education at the university;

- Presentation of Kherson State University;

- Exploring the possibilities of learning with information - presentation KSU faculty about enrollment, tuition and living conditions ;

- Definition Exhibition potential university.


For the attention of prospective applicants and their parents who visited Dec. 7 to Kherson State University, were presented artistic heritage , literary publications , educational programs and exhibitions presentation materials of the university . The event everyone could get acquainted with faculty and directions, which are trained at university , and personally talk to the rector Alexander Khodosovtsev , representatives of the administrative units of the University and dean of faculty.

In the event the participants welcomed the Rector of KSU O.Hodosovtsev , who said: " Our school - leading on Kherson , as representing the region at the national level. We have a full range of specialties , that is all that is necessary in today's competitive student life. In addition, we care not only about quality education , but also about relaxation and comfortable accommodation of our students - the university has a strong physical infrastructure , which includes the WTO "Petrel " aquatic plant , agrobiostation - botanical garden and campus . " Also rector expressed his hope to see everyone who wants to study in Kherson State University next year as a student.

Visitors had the opportunity to read the terms of admission to KSU for 2014-2015 school year.

Dean of the Faculty informed everybody about a particular area of training for existing specialty. A campus representatives briefed the meeting on the living conditions in the dormitories of the university. Also get some information from the guests to KSU students , who spoke about the learning environment , student government and youth leisure in Kherson State University.

For general information about the university presented the leading specialist of economic and contractual work and exhibiting Kur'yaninova AV Software Engineer II category providing academic department - information - communication infrastructure Lyakutin V. (materials : information on Kherson State University , the faculty of the University , the faculty training center , the center of retraining and qualification achievements university for international cooperation in education and the introduction of modern technology, experience of cooperation with European countries in the field of education and youth employment ) . In addition, the exhibition presents the banners on the subject : " KSU " Discover the path to prosperity " ," " Departments of the University ," " cooperation , partnership, exchange of experience " rewards derived from achievement while participating in exhibitions .

Reports on the results of faculty focused number of visitors is about 300 people distributed over 2,000 leaflets during the exhibition "Education at KSU - a step in the prestigious Future" and " Open Day KSU ."

Despite the definite schedule of exhibitions, information on joining the KSU is available daily in the admissions KSU. And in February 2014 KSU will be ready again to open the door for everyone.