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Updated: 4/22/2020


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Results of the survey

Updated: 4/22/2020

The results of the survey of applicants HE for the faculties (study of disciplines I semester 2019-2020 years)

Faculty of History and Law Download pdf (173.1 Kb)
Faculty of Medicine Download pdf (171.2 Kb)
Faculty of Education Download pdf (167.2 Kb)
Faculty of Social Psychology Download pdf (169.5 Kb)
Faculty of Biology, Geography and Ecology Download pdf (179 Kb)
Faculty of Economics and Management Download pdf (184.6 Kb)
Faculty of Foreign Philology Download pdf (173 Kb)
Faculty of Culture and Arts Download pdff (178 Kb)
Faculty of Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics Download pdf (179.7 Kb)
Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Journalism Download pdf (196.9 Kb)
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Download pdf (166.4 Kb)