Legal Department

Updated: 12/2/2020

Juridical Department


Head of Juridical Department Parasochkina Ksenіya Viktorіvna


Address: 73000, m. Kherson,  40 years of October st., 27, cabinet № 323

Phone: (0552) 32-67-26

Hours: from 8.30 to 17.15



The composition of the Juridical Department:

The head of the legal department is Parosochkin Kseniya 
Legal Counsel I category - Krechik Natalia 

Legal Counsel I category - Rostias Dantimirov

Legal Counsel I category - Chubatov Serhii 

Legal Counsel I category -  Kalinina Oksana

Legal Counsel - Cherniatevich Dmytro


The provisions of the Law Department of the University


I. General Provisions


1.1. The Juridical department of Kherson State University (hereinafter - Department) created and functioning in accordance with the General Regulation of the legal service of the Ministry, another executive body of state enterprises, institutions and organizations, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 26.11.2008, the number 1040.

The Department staffing under the post Head of Department, Deputy Chief, a leading specialist - expert legal counsel and legal department.

The department is one of the principal divisions of university and submits directly to the rector.

1.2. Proposals love to bring the University acts in compliance with the law is mandatory for the examination rector. In case of neglect or department offers partial division takes them into account you written Rector

conclu- sion to the draft act.

13. Requiring department responsibilities that do not belong to or beyond its jurisdiction is not allowed.

1.4. The University is obliged to create conditions for proper operation and training to the Juridical department, to provide their own premises, telephone, modern computers and office equipment, transport for the performance of official duties by regulations and reference materials, other manuals and literature on the right issues, electronic information and legal support and access to databases.

1.5. The work of the Department by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, presidential decrees and resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, regulations of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, other regulations, Statute of the University and this provision.

For the organization and conduct of the legal department guidance of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.


II. Tasks Department


2.1. The main objectives of the department are:

- Management of legal work aimed at proper application, strict compliance and prevent non-compliance of legislation, regulations University and its employees while performing their tasks and functional responsibilities;

- Representing the interests of the University in the courts.


III. Features


Division according to the tasks assigned to it:

3.1. Ensures the proper application of the university regulations and other documents, submit proposals to the rector solving legal issues related to the activities of the University;

3.2. Develops and participates in drafting laws and other documents on the activities of the University;

3.3. Provides legal expertise of draft acts and other documents prepared by university department, agrees (visa) in the presence of heads of visas concerned departments or individuals, their substitutes. In the event of discrepancies draft act or other document with the legislation concerned business unit delivers motivated proposals to bring it in line with the law;

3.4. Held together with the university department (under the competence of the department) work on the revision of regulations and other documents in order to bring them into compliance with the law;

3.5. Informs the Rector of the need to take measures to amend the regulations and other documents, defining them as invalid or cancellation;

3.6. Organizes work relating to the conclusion of agreements (contracts), is involved in preparing and monitoring performance, giving legal assessment of projects such agreements (contracts). Projects agreements (contracts) agree (vizuyutsya) in the presence of visa department heads concerned departments or individuals, their substitutes.

3.7. Participates in ensuring the protection of property rights and interests of the University in case of failure or improper performance of contractual obligations.

3.8. Organized pretentious and related work, analyzes its results.

3.9. Oversees compliance structural units installed in the order of presentation and the university claims.

3.10. Facilitates timely measures to eliminate violations specified in the documents prosecutorial response, judicial decisions relevant instruments of law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

3.11. Submit rector of the university:

- Proposals to improve the legal support of the university;

- Conclusions on the legality of the write-off of property, accounts receivable, overhead and legal assessment of the facts shortages, theft, mismanagement, poor quality products release, damaging property;

3.12. Consider materials of pecuniary damage due perpetrators preparing relevant structural units based on economic and legal analysis of accounting and statistical reports and other documents of financial and economic activities of the university and materials inspections conducted by law enforcement and regulatory authorities;

3.13. It promotes the rule of law in the implementation of the labor rights of the university in solving scientific and educational and social issues;

3.14. Together with the concerned university department involved in the preparation of measures to strengthen labor discipline, labor protection;

3.15. Provides legal assistance to university employees who need social protection;

3.16. Ensure the correct application of the employment, housing, pension and other legislation relating to the rights and interests of university staff, university rector submit proposals on redress;

3.17. Keeps records of legislative acts of Ukraine maintains them in a state of control and storage;

3.18. Gathers information about the official publication of legislative acts in print;

3.19. Organizes and conducts work aiming at increasing legal knowledge workers University, explains the practice of law, providing advice on legal issues.


IV. The department may:


4.1. Check compliance with the law structural units of the university;

4.2. Receive the established procedure of university officials needed to carry out its tasks documents, information, reports, calculations, and other materials;

4.3. Involve the consent of the Rector of specialists to prepare draft acts and other documents, as well as the development and implementation of the measures carried out according to the department assigned tasks;

4.4. Inform the Rector of laying the department responsibilities that fall within its competence and cases of failure or untimely provision of university officials to request materials department;

4.5. Participate in meetings of advisory and collective bodies meetings are held at the university, where they review issues related to the practice of law.

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