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 On May 18 1998 began the history of the tenth, youngest, faculty of art pedagogy. The candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Mykola Levchenko was elected the dean, and he headed the only chair of artistic culture at that time. The creation and opening of such an art center has become a landmark event not only for Kherson region but for the South of Ukraine as a whole.


   In 2003, by the decision of the Academic Council of the University, the Faculty of arts pedagogy was renamed the Faculty of Culture and Arts. As the faculty grew, new chairs and branches were opened. Today our faculty represents five chairs, which teach more than five hundred students in four specialties.







Faculty in Facts and Members 








year of our foundation. During this time, we have produced over 1500 first-rate specialists.

of our graduates find a job in their specialty immediately after graduation.

the average number of students in the study group, enabling the teacher to find an individual approach to each.

specialized classrooms, including a concert hall, music and choreography classes, art workshops and a gallery, a computer class.


concerts and creative events, in which our students participate annually.



 Our chairs and sections




 Chair of vocal and choral disciplines  


Chair of Cultural Studies 


Chair of Fine Arts and Design 



Chair of Instrumental Performance


Chair of Choreographic Art



The structure of the faculty is available at the link.



Dean's office of the Faculty 




Mykola Levchenko

Dean of the Faculty, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine

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Tetiana Kornisheva

Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Educational Methods and Practices, Candidate of Arts

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Anatoliy Forostian

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Deputy Dean for Organizational and Educational Work and Employment

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Tetiana Zaytseva

Dean's Office Manager



Heads of the Chairs



Natalia Gunko

Head of the Chair of Vocal and Choral Disciplines, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

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Lydia Lymarenko

Head of the Chair of Cultural Studies, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

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Sviatoslav Martsynkovskyi

Head of the Chair of Instrumental Performance, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Professor 



Alla Rekhlitska

Head of the Chair of Choreographic Art, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Associate Professor

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Volodymyr Chupryna

Head of the Chair of Fine Arts and Design, People's Artist of Ukraine, Honorary Academician of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Professor


 Creative teams



An important and sure way to involve young people in mastering the arts is through creative teams. At the Faculty of Culture and Arts, students have the opportunity to discover and develop artistic abilities in vocal and choral ensembles, choreographic groups, symphony orchestra, theater and more.


KSU Symphony Orchestra


People's Training Theater "Studi-Art"


Folk dance ensemble "Ladovitsa"


Folk dance ensemble "Constellation"


KSU Academic Choir


Vocal female ensemble "Harmony"


Vocal ensemble "Retro"



Men's Vocal Ensemble "Vox & Go"



Folk dance ensemble "Chubariki"




Research activities



The Faculty has 14 Candidates of Sciences: Pedagogical, Historical and Art Studies. Research work is actively conducted, the results of which is articles in domestic professional, international periodicals, textbooks, monographs, methodical recommendations by our faculty.


In addition to artistic and creative activity, the students of the faculty also demonstrate a high level of scientific work. They are regular participants and winners of the All-Ukrainian Student Research Competition and the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad. In addition, the Faculty has a fruitfully working STUDENT SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY.











Our graduates



During more than 20 years of its existence the faculty has brought up a plethora of first-class artists, creatives and professionals and is proud of its graduates, including:

  • soloists of the ballet of the Shevchenko National Opera of Ukraine
  • soloists of the Dnipropetrovsk Academic Opera and Ballet Theater
  • soloists of the Kherson Regional Philharmonic
  • members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine
  • artists and ballet soloists of the Kulish Academic Music and Drama Theater
  • Leading specialists of general and specialized institutions of Ukraine
  • editors and presenters of TV and radio companies
  • winners of International and Ukrainian art competitions and many others.




For the entrant



If you wish to become a student of our faculty, we ask you to read the detailed information about the admission campaign on our page.

Looking forward to seeing you!







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