Prospects for the Department of Elementary Education

Updated: 12/7/2019

Head of Department - Ph.D. in education,
Associate Professor Polyevikova O. B.


September 1, 2008 decision by the Academic Board (protocol number 9 of 05.05.2008) and Order dated of 19.05.2008, № 292-D at Kherson State University was created by releasing the Department of Elementary Education. This historic event - the result of joint efforts of Dean of the Faculty of preschool and primary education, preschool education and the department of elementary education, heads of departments, professors of licensing, accreditation and scientific methods of new since 2004 specializing in Pre-school education: development and approval in due course appropriate software and technical documentation, controls and criteria for evaluating students' knowledge of the specialty "school education". At the Department of the Faculty prepared training programs that take into account all the main features of the main provisions of educational qualification program in "Pre-school education. At the Department of Education early childhood education and elementary education program developed continuous pedagogical practices, and contracts for the agreed schedule of practice, creating room (room number 211) launched the International Pedagogical reading on preschool education. Prior known experts were invited to Ukraine - Doctor of Education Science: Professor V. Artemova Love, Professor Tamara Ponimanska Ilinichna (author of the book "Preschool Education" for higher education).

Nearby prospects of:

1. Ensure accreditation of specialty "school education" qualification level "master".

2. Strengthen international and interuniversity cooperation with leading scientific institutions in the field of preschool education, particularly Baranovychskym State University (Belarus) and Yev.Frobelseminarom (m.Kassel, Germany).

3. Conduct practical experience Yev.Frobelseminaru among public Kherson Pedagogical Education Center at the Friedrich Frobelya.

4. In order to target the needs of the department practitioners to achieve world and national science teaching experience prospective study of improvement of the educational process in pre-schools.

5. Participate in the discussion and development of new software and methodology to ensure a basic component of pre-school education (including a new curriculum for kindergartens "I am in the world").

6. Provide educational support and assistance to the homes of family type (p. Antonivka etc.).

7. Expand the base practices.

8. Eke out a data bank on the department that provide pre-school education in Ukraine, to exchange experience of teachers.

9. In order to strengthen the staff of the department to promote the Ph.D. defense instructor Los OM and timely and appropriate level of research training master's graduate of KSU, our graduates rolling VV Tsyupak and IM

10. Bring to science teacher-practice Anisimov OE, apply to join its graduate of KSU 2011.