Organizational and Educational Activities

Updated: 1/16/2020

Student self-government covers all areas of student life. This is facilitated by the division of the student's dean's office into the following sectors: the educational sector; sports sector; the public relations sector; art council; volunteer movement; the trade union committee; work in a hostel; student scientific association. The activities of student self-government bodies of the department are aimed at improving the educational process, it helps to create feelings of responsibility for the task, activates the social position of students, allows to identify and realize the creative abilities of students.


Student self-government consists of the following areas:


organization and celebration of commemorative dates (Knowledge Day, City Day, Teacher's Day, Student's Day, Armed Forces Day, International Women's Day, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.);

organization and holding of sports competitions (mini-football, volleyball, basketball, cross, chess championships, etc.);

organization and holding of faculties and participation in university competitions and festivals (film festival, Young Wave Art Festival, Debut Arts Festival, KVC Championship, University Olympiad, etc.);

photo exhibitions, thematic curatorial events, mental health days, smoking days, drug abuse, etc;


assistance to orphans, children from needy families, veterans and more.