Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Updated: 7/2/2019


Faculty of Physical Education and Sport



Dean - associate professor Ivan Hluhov


 Dean of organizational and educational work

and employment - associate professor Koval Victoria.



 Deputy Dean on educational work

and practices - associate professor Regina Andreeva.


Assistant Dean of science - associate professor Lilia Hacoeva.

Assistant Dean of practices - associate professor Olga Koltsova.

Assistant Dean for International Relations - associate professor Alexander  Edelyev 

Secretary dean - Volichenko Irina

Dispetcher - Tatiana Vasilyeva


Hours of Dean and his deputies – 15.30 – 16.30 every Tuesday.

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport is one of the youngest schools ofKhersonStateUniversity. It was founded in 1994.

Faculty provides training in the following areas: 

1. "Physical Education. Specialization organization of mass sports, tourism job"

by educational levels: Bachelor, Specialist and Master. Form: full-time, part-time and external. 

2. "Sport"

by educational levels: bachelor and specialist. Form of studies: daily. 

Educational and methodical, scientific, organizational and educational work at the faculty of training of future specialists carry out highly qualified personnel.

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport invites everyone to learn. More information is available at: 73002Kherson, street 40 years of October 27, the main building (120 audience) and by phone: dean (0552) 32-67-65,admissionsUniversity(0552) 49-43-75. Information for entrants in simple terms is also at the university and, separately, the Faculty menu - APPLICANTS!