Scientific and research activities

Updated: 3/12/2020

The department performs the initiative research work "Socio-pedagogical and medical-biological bases of physical and health work of different population groups" (state registration number No. 0118U100260). During 2019, the morphofunctional features of physical education and sports students were studied. Performers of the topic improved the selection of methods and conducting longitudinal studies of physical development and functional characteristics of students of the Faculty of Physical Education at different stages of the survey.

      The department has a postgraduate program in preparation of PhD doctors of specialty: 24.00.02. Physical education, physical culture of different segments of the population.

     The department has a research laboratory "Medical and biological foundations of physical education and sports", which was established in 2003 under the guidance of Professor Yu.O. Romaskevich.

       Professor V.L.Smulsky Scientific School is constantly functioning, and as a result, the dissertation is being defended by the department (assoc. prof. S.S.Vozny, assoc. R.I. Andreeva, assoc. prof. L.S.Gatsoeva). The candidate's dissertation of the teacher V.Grigoriev executed and presented to the specialized scientific council.

       Professor V.L.Smulsky, associate professors S.S.Vozny, R.I.Andreeva and S.K.Golyaka are a permanent member of the Organizing Committee and the Editorial Board of the All-Ukrainian Scientific-Practical Conferences "Actual Problems of Youth Sport" and "Problems of Modern Valeology, Physical Culture and Rehabilitation".

       The faculty of the department constantly takes an active part in the work of the All-Ukrainian Conferences.

       Two problem groups on scientific work of students "Selection and prediction in sports" (head - associate professor Vozny SS) and "Influence of physical culture and sports on the human body" (supervisor - prof. Yu.O. Romaskevich) were created at the department.

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