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Competition "Ukraine through the eyes of Europeans'

Announced "Ukraine through the eyes of Europeans'

Friday, November 18, 2011

We are all Ukrainian, we - the Europeans. Each of us has an opinion on what is happening in Ukraine, its political, economic and cultural conditions at the present stage. But let's look at our country from another angle, through the eyes of the inhabitants of Europe. Which Ukraine faces them? Contestants must draw playful cartoon entitled "Ukraine through the eyes of Europeans."

Cartoons are submitted on paper A3.

The best works will be awarded prizes provided by the EU Delegation in Ukraine and handed to Ambassador Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira.

The deadline for submitting cartoons December 13, 2011.

Please submit work to the EU Information Center at KSU, located on the street. 40 years of October 2 (near the bus stop "University").

Wrap up and prizes provided by the EU Delegation in Ukraine, will be held December 20, 2011 at 15.10.

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