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Scientific practice in Germany, Kassel

Visit of KSU students to Germany

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

      Three students, teacher of the faculty of preschool education, specialist of international relations were in the research and industrial practice during two weeks in Germany, Kassel.

      During the visit students and staff of KSU could receive best practice parenting in kindergartens in Germany. Two students practice in kindergartens that work with children of age groups 3-6 years only on practice F. Frobel. One student was in kindergartens that work with children of age groups 1-3 years. There were considered different concepts of the kindergartens.

      The German colleagues are interested in the Ukrainian kindergartens. Now KSU can send their students to practice in Kassel’s kindergartens every year and accept international counterparts in it.

      On the basis of Kherson State University is an educational F. Frobel’s center, which organizes seminars, conferences and master classes for everyone who wants to learn more about the famous German scientist.


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