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Heads up! Practice in Poland

NB, студенти Херсонського державного університету!

Залишилося вакантне місце для проходження практики на найпрестижніших підприємствах та в компаніях Польщі

Monday, March 26, 2012

One vacant place left for KSU students, which provides to undertake an internship under the auspices of the Chorzow School of Banking in the most prestigious institutions and companies in Poland (Regional Council of Silesia, Tax Administration, various EU institutions etc). The student will stay at work for 4-6 hours per day and at the close of the practice will be given the certificate by the company. A student will have the opportunity to take part in additional events and excursions.

 Subjects: Economics, Management, Media, Tourism

 Internship duration: 3 weeks (10-27 April). It is possible to reduce the time down to 2 weeks if it is necessary.

 Costs: hostel accommodation – 100-130 € + alimentation + transport

 More information: International relations office

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