Staff of Chair

Updated: 9/10/2019


Valentina D. Sharko

Head of Chair, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor


Valentin V. Odintsov

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Head of Research Laboratory of Solid State Physics


Sergiy G. Kuzmenkov

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor


 Yuriy K. Ivashina

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Docent


Oleksandr V. Nemchenko

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Docent


Irina V. Korobova

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Docent

Nataliya O. Ermakova-Cherchenko

 Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Teacher

Tetyana L. Goncharenko

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,  Senior Teacher

Oksana A. Barylnyk-Kurakova



Marina O. Babenko

Head of Observatory, Assistant

Ganna I. Sundenko

Laboratorian of School Physics Experiment Laboratory, Assistant

Nataliya V. Kurilenko

Head of Laboratories, Assistant


Tamara V. Bogdanova

Senior Laboratorian of Physics Chair, Part-Time Educational Methodist



Nataliya G. Lototska

Senior Laboratorian of Physics Chair, Secretary



 Olena P. Smoliy

 Laboratorian of Mechanics Laboratory

Irina O. Konovalova

Senior Laboratorian of Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics Laboratory

Anatoliy M. Horonyak

Senior Laboratorian of Electrical and Magnetism Laboratory


Katerina A. Horonyak

Laboratorian of Optics Laboratory


Nataliya M. Sentyukova

Laboratorian of Quantum Physics Laboratory


Mikola V. Lototsky

Laboratory Research Laboratory of Solid State Physics